Daisy’s Big Night by Sandra V. Feder/Book Review

Daisy’s Big Night by Sandra V. Feder
Illustrator: Susan Mitchell
Publisher: Kids Can Press
Length: 116 pages
Genre: Children’s Fiction
Source: eBook
Release Date: March 1, 2014

I read Daisy’s Big Night as part of my read aloud task for children in my school district. Daisy is a huge lover of words, and shares a fun night at a poetry party with Mrs Bookman. Shortly after this event, Daisy’s teacher Ms. Goldner plans an ‘end of year showcase’ to highlight the skills her students possess. While Daisy is unsure of what she could bring to the showcase, her friends and family guide her to realize that her gift with words is something valuable to offer.

I really enjoyed reading Daisy’s Big Night, since it’s a chapter book centered around the love of poetry for kids. I love writing poetry, and value this form of the written word as a creative artform. Children benefit from poetry since it provides an outlet for expression for their developing voices! I also appreciated Susan Mitchell’s illustrations, as they feature Daisy interacting with everyone she meets!

I recommend Daisy’s Big Night for anyone that loves reading about children practicing poetry. This is a lovely book to give to children!


The third addition to the well-received, illustrated chapter book series about word-loving Daisy. In her latest adventure, Daisy is faced with a dilemma about what to exhibit at her class’s end-of-the-school-year Student Showcase night. An invitation to a grown-up poetry party sets off a series of events that eventually lead Daisy to the realization that the perfect solution to her problem has been with her all along — in the green notebook covered with purple polka dots in which she collects her favorite words. Author Sandra V. Feder has created a likable, enthusiastic character early readers will be drawn to, and as self-described Delightfully Different Daisy ventures into the world of poetry, they’ll happily follow along. The easy-to-understand explanations of ode, haiku, rhyme and free verse, along with short examples of each, make this book an excellent resource for a unit on poetry or as a tie-in to an elementary school’s celebration of poetry month in April. The inclusion of Daisy’s Wonderful Word Lists at the end (the lists are named by category, such as rhyming words, pairs of words, made-up words and quiet-time words) offers a terrific jumping-off point for students to begin their own lists of words. Overall, Daisy offers children a unique new perspective on how to think about words and how much fun it can be to play with them. The book is illustrated with just enough line drawings by Susan Mitchell to keep young readers engaged.

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