Saturday Reading Blog | July 11

Saturday Reading Blog, Surrounded by green and blue leaves

Saturday Reading Blog
The Dutch House by Ann Patchett

I’m currently reading ‘The Dutch House’ by Ann Patchett. I’m glad to have this opportunity to read one of her stories! Patchett recently made a visit to my area (before the virus hit), and it was a packed crowd! I can’t recall which book store it was, but it’s one I regularly visit.

Saturday Reading Blog
Owl Diaries: Eva's Treetop Festival by Rebecca Elliott

I also read ‘The Owl Diaries’, Books 1 & 2! This is definitely a relaxation read! Owl Diaries is on my district’s list for students entering 1st grade. Since my niece is entering 1st grade this year, I thought it would be perfect to check it out before passing it along. I love owls!

What books are you reading this weekend? Feel free to share down in the comments!

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