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August 14-24

Today is my tour stop for The Story of Babushka by Catherine Flores! This is a heartwarming children’s tale about friendship, love and the meaning of life.
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Story of Babushka Information

The Story of Babushka by
Catherine Flores
File name: Babuska_Cover.png

The Story of Babushka by Catherine Flores
Illustrator: Ana Beatriz Marques
Publisher: ACL Creative Studio
Genre: Children’s Fantasy
Length: 120 pages (with over 50 illustrations!)
Acquired through Turn The Page Tours
Release Date: July 29, 2020

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Babushka wants to find out the meaning of life so she sends her bodies out of the forest and into the world to search for answers.


The babushka doll, also known as a matryoshka or Russian nesting doll, is a traditional Russian toy first made over 100 years ago. The doll has come to symbolise Russian folk culture, as well as the complex and beautiful layers of women. There are some babushka dolls with as many as fifty dolls nested inside.

This is the story of one very special babushka doll and her five bodies. There was the outermost body, Antonia. She was pure beauty. Everyone who saw her admired her good looks. Beneath that body of beauty hid Loretta, who was richly adorned. She wore gold ornaments, and her green robe was decorated with many different gems that glittered like the ocean on a sunny day Hidden within the rich body was Paula, the body that held all Babushka’s talents. Whatever Paula did, she was sure to succeed. She knew how to work and always did so with joy and determination.

Within the talented body was Viola, the body of wisdom. Viola knew a lot about the world and learned very quickly. She was always full of brilliant ideas and had clever solutions for every problem. The last body, the smallest of all, was Mary, the embodiment of love. Mary had a warm and compassionate heart and was very helpful. She could dry tears and mend broken hearts. Together, these bodies formed the complete Babushka.

Author Information

The Story of Babushka

Catherine Flores with her child. File name: CatherineFlores.jpg

Since quitting her full-time job at a branding communication agency in Zurich, Catherine has gone on to become a successful freelance designer and a children’s author. She lives on the small island of Madeira with her family, spending her time growing vegetables in her garden and working for clients around the world.

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Purple Fern Leaf

My Review

*I received a copy of ‘The Story of Babushka’ through Turn the Page Tours and the publisher, for exchange of an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own*

When I began reading The Story of Babushka, I thought I was going to read a quick story with an equally quick ending. However, I had no idea that this children’s tale would pull on my emotions! Babushka is comprised of five components: beauty, wealth, talent, wisdom, and love. One by one, each layer seeks out their personal happiness. As the years go by, they learn that the road to contentment is filled with one valuable lesson: community.

Each body has a special gift, yet each piece encompasses the whole self. They shine when sharing their blessings to others, yet without the other layers, they cannot prosper. I enjoy this lesson of teamwork that Babushka shares with its readers. Each body needs their support system in order to shine.

The Story of Babushka‘s Lovely Illustrations!

The Story of Babushka Illustration

Mary, the body of Love, gazes at the water at night. File name: BabushkaIllustrations.jpg

I was completely enamored by the illustrations throughout the book! Ana Beatriz Marques created stunning images, pairing nicely with a wonderful story. Adults can apply a Picture Walk with young children while learning about Babushka’s journey!

In addition to beautiful illustrations, Catherine Flores also offers coloring pages to accompany the story, which I will feature below!

Book Recommendations

While I feel that the length of the book would be suitable for older children, The Story of Babushka is valuable for all ages! As mentioned before, younger children would benefit from the visual aids given, such as the coloring pages and character cut-outs. While browsing through photos, you can ask children what each body of Babushka should do next!

Final Thoughts

The Story of Babushka is so valuable! It teaches the lesson that one needs a support system to manage life’s challenges. It’s a wonderful story for everyone!

Purple Fern Leaf

Book Trailer

The Story of Babushka Coloring Pages

The Story of Babushka Coloring Page: Group
The Story of Babushka Coloring Page: Viola with a young woman

Characters (Print to use as Cut-Outs)

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The Story of Babushka

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