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First Lines Friday is a weekly bookish feature, hosted by Wandering Words. Picture this: instead of judging a book by its cover, author or prestige, we judged it by its opening lines? What a amazing concept! Click here to view Wandering Words’ original post.

This Week’s Friday Lines:

‘Today our neighbor at Mill Grove paid us a welcoming call. Belatedly, I might add. Had not my father met him Monday hunting on our woods, would he have come at all?’

Any guesses?

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Now, This Week’s Book!

First Lines Friday: 

Audubon’s Sparrow by Juditha Dowd

Synopsis (From Goodreads)

What does it mean to sacrifice for someone else’s art?

Audubon’s Sparrow answers this question by way of a verse biography of Lucy Bakewell. Lucy is the intrepid and largely unsung wife of the artist and naturalist John James Audubon. The story is set in the early decades of the 19th century, an era of dramatic growth and expansion in America.

Audubon’s Sparrow follows Lucy and John James as they fall in love, marry, and set off to make a life on the western frontier. Additionally, Juditha Dowd weaves together lyric poems, imagined letters, and diary entries in Lucy’s voice. Furthermore, this also includes excerpts from Audubon’s journals and published works (which many believe Lucy helped to write and edit) to offer an intimate exploration of the thoughts of a young wife and mother.

Moving from port to port along the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, Lucy struggles to square the family’s poverty with her husband’s desire to abandon business and pursue his passion for nature. In a time when women are rarely permitted to work outside the home, Lucy draws on her education and musical talents to become a teacher. This allows Audubon to travel abroad, seeking a publisher for The Birds of America.

Thus, Lucy’s natural confidence and independence emerge, along with a very different life from the one she expected. This, in fact, is an uplifting turn as she wards off financial ruin!

Nimbly written and sympathetically rendered, Audubon’s Sparrow is an enchanting blend of research and imagination!

Friday Lines: To Conclude

In conclusion, would you place Audubon’s Sparrow in your TBR pile? I immediately placed it in mine!

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