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The Shadow Debt cover is here!

Shadow Debt Cover Reveal. A woman is very excited. Link:

I’m so excited to share this with everyone. Yes, I’m here with another great Storytellers on Tour feature! This time, I bring you the cover for Shadow Debt by William Ray!

Shadow Debt Cover Information

Shadow Debt: A Tale Of the Verin Empire by WIlliam Ray. File Name: ShadowDebtCover1.jpg

Shadow Debt by William Ray
Tales Of the Verin Empire (Book 3)
Genre: Fantasy
Age Group: Adult
Published: September 2020
Cover Art & Design: Ramona Marc
Interior Chapter Illustration: Tom Parker

Ramona Marc’s Website | Tom Parker’s Patreon

Shadow Debt Synopsis

Glynn Sorley is sheriff of Keat’s Field, a tiny settlement in an otherwise lawless frontier. With the discovery of diamonds, her town is flooded with fortune-hunters looking to strike it rich. It’s also a target for competing colonial powers, savage goblin tribes, and outlaws.

Then, a rustler on the run from the law stumbles across his father’s mysterious legacy – a weapon of immense magical power. He uses it to ravage across the territory as the notorious outlaw Gentleman Jim.

But the weapon’s power comes at a terrible cost, and Keat’s Field may just have to pay the price…

This third Tale of the Verin Empire returns us to the world of Gedlund and The Great Restoration. It explores a frontier trapped between competing nations, where goblins reign and a lone sheriff fights to keep the peace.

Drawing inspiration from L’Amour’s  Comstock Lode, Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, and our own late 19th century, Shadow Debt continues William Ray’s bold, critically acclaimed reinvention of classic fantasy in a world of memorable characters and unique perspectives.

Author Information

Author William Ray. File Name: WilliamRay.jpg

William Ray is the author of the Tales of the Verin Empire; including Gedlund (named to Kirkus Reviews’ Best Books of 2016), The Great Restoration and the forthcoming Shadow Debt.

Originally from North Carolina, he currently lives in Reston, VA with his wife and dogs. A graduate of Ithaca College, and Wake Forest’s School of Law, he has worked in television, retail, patent prosecution, trademark law and other irrelevant nonsense. To paraphrase Lloyd Alexander, however, if being a life-long lover of fantasy literature qualifies one to write it, then he is well qualified indeed.

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What do you think of Shadow Debt? Are you ready to travel through Keat’s Field? It certainly looks like a grand adventure! Thank you Storytellers on Tour for letting me take part in this reveal!

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