Connections: Blogtober Day 3

Connections and relaxation make Saturdays perfect! My idea of rest is lunch at a local diner, book shopping, and chatting with friends. Of course, socially distant diner time (outdoor eating until further notice)! After a quick meal, we visited the local Barnes & Noble. During my visit, I bought the next selection for the B2Weird Book Club. October’s choice is The Rage of Dragons by Evan Winter. I can’t wait to start reading it!

Poetic Connections

Additionally, I took care of some poetry therapy community building. I’ve been asked to coordinate a meeting with a possible new member in the organization I’m a part of. Our community shares deep connections with social service. For example, social workers, educators and therapists make up our group. Thus, anyone who wishes to join must go through a careful vetting process. We currently have members in the United States, Mexico, the UK, Ireland, Jamaica, and Japan. It’s wonderful to see our poetry therapy organization flourish around the world! Indeed, positive connections create a thriving network.


Earlier I spoke to good college friends over Messenger. It’s been a few weeks since our last virtual chat. It was wonderful to speak to them again! We spoke for over two hours! My friends had the band Record Heat playing in the background. We watched their livestream event on Thursday, and it was great! Connections with good friends are very important!

What connections did you make today? Feel free to share below!

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Finally, here is another recent Saturday Blog post, from August!

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