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Halloween and Snoopy are a fun combination!

I certainly enjoy creepy Halloween staples, such as haunted houses and scary movies. However, I also love cute spins to this spooky holiday!

I’m a huge Peanuts Gang fanatic! From books to plushies, I own many things related to Charlie Brown and his squad. When Hallmark began releasing their Itty Bitty Halloween collection, I quickly grabbed everything linked to this famous group!

My Halloween ‘Itty Bitty’ Snoopy List

Here’s some photos of my Halloween Peanuts Gang figures! I purchased them all at Hallmark. They are indeed a great resource for holiday materials!

Halloween Snoopy. Pumpkin Snoopy and Skeleton Charlie Brown.

Pumpkin Snoopy & Skeleton Charlie Brown

Skeleton Charlie Brown was part of a Halloween Mystery Bag collection. It took several tries to bring him home! His adorable pumpkin companion became available last year!

Halloween Snoopy. Vampire Snoopy and Superhero Linus.

Vampire Snoopy & Superhero Linus

These two figures were also part of the Mystery Bag Collection. What was the hardest to find? That adorable beagle next to Linus, of course!

Halloween Snoopy. Witch Lucy and Trick-or-Treat Snoopy.

Witchy Lucy & Trick-or-Treat Snoopy

Witchy Lucy is the fourth character in the Mystery Collection. She and Snoopy are ready for trick-or-treating!

Halloween: Candy Corn Snoopy.

Candy Corn Snoopy

Last but definitely not least! I purchased this cutie last year.

Do you love the Peanuts Gang? If so, which is your favorite? Share your thoughts below!

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