A Memory | Blogtober Day 13

Memory and Fall. Pumpkins.

My favorite Fall memory involves friendship. Eight years ago I met up with good friends for an Imperative Reaction concert. It was at a popular venue in New York City. With us experiencing present pandemic times, these public gatherings are extra special!

Fall Memory. Imperative Reaction. Link: https://i.pinimg.com/474x/8c/3c/ab/8c3cab64a94b1711f1ccc966d1a974c9--industrial-bands-running-music.jpg

After the show, my friends and I walked around the streets of Chelsea. I loved the cool Fall breeze circulating the area! We chatted about the band, and made plans to meet in the near future. This musical memory remains strong to this day!

Two days later, I visited a good friend in my poetry community. She helped me furnish part of my living space, and I’ll always be grateful to her! We spent a couple hours reflecting on our group. Indeed, it was a good time sharing and laughing! While it was months before I saw her again, we very much appreciated each other’s company.

Currently, my support system stands as a very special Fall memory. While living in New York City, I gained independence from a toxic relationship. I also reconnected with great college friends. One of them later became my future husband!

What is your favorite Fall memory? Feel free to share down below!

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