White Ivy by Susie Yang : A Review

White Ivy certainly healed my reading slump! It poses this question: How far are you willing to go to achieve your dreams? Indeed, I was all in!

‘White Ivy’ Book Information

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White Ivy by Susie Yang
Publisher: Simon & Shuster
Genre: Contemporary, Thriller
Source: Audiobook (Received by Libro.fm ALC program)
Length: 12 hrs & 50 mins
Release Date: November 3, 2020


Ivy Lin is a thief and a liar—but you’d never know it by looking at her. Raised outside of Boston, she is taught how to pilfer items from yard sales and second-hand shops by her immigrant grandmother. Thieving allows Ivy to accumulate the trappings of a suburban teen—and, most importantly, to attract the attention of Gideon Speyer, the golden boy of a wealthy political family. But when Ivy’s mother discovers her trespasses, punishment is swift and Ivy is sent to China, where her dream instantly evaporates.

Years later, Ivy has grown into a poised yet restless young woman, haunted by her conflicting feelings about her upbringing and her family. Back in Boston, when she bumps into Sylvia Speyer, Gideon’s sister, a reconnection with Gideon seems not only inevitable—it feels like fate.

Slowly, Ivy sinks her claws into Gideon and the entire Speyer clan by attending fancy dinners and weekend getaways to the Cape. But just as Ivy is about to have everything she’s ever wanted, a ghost from her past resurfaces, threatening the nearly perfect life she’s worked so hard to build.

Filled with surprising twists and offering sharp insights into the immigrant experience, White Ivy is both a love triangle and a coming-of-age story, as well as a glimpse into the dark side of a woman who yearns for success at any cost.

‘White Ivy’ : My Review

**I received White Ivy through Libro.fm’s ALC Reviewer Program, in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.**

White Ivy tells Ivy Lin’s story, a girl who emigrated to Boston from China as a child. We follow Ivy as she learns valuable lessons from her grandmother about financial fortune. Desperate to be like her Western peers, Ivy strives to hold Gideon Speyer’s attention. Using a page from her grandmother’s book of life, Ivy becomes a thief in order to attain her goals. In spite of Ivy’s mother upending her life, she continues to climb an ambitious ladder to win Gideon’s heart.


Susie Yang weaves a complex and gripping tale of a young woman fighting to achieve her goals. Although Ivy is a flawed heroine, I found myself emphasizing with her. All her life, she lived under her vindictive mother’s rule. Now, Ivy is in charge of her life choices, and does what is necessary to keep herself afloat. It isn’t until Ivy is in the throes of major changes that she learns the reason behind her mother’s calculating moves. As a result, White Ivy takes us through three generations of women, in China and America, making significant changes in their lives.

White Ivy has a gripping love triangle, and we’re left in a state of tension as Ivy struggles to choose. While she adores Gideon, Ivy longs to live life without social construct. Ivy’s deceitful life both thrills and terrifies her. She orchestrates every move in order to achieve the life she longs to live. In the process, we’re led to a huge reveal that I didn’t see coming!

‘White Ivy’: Plot and Interest

This audio book certainly piqued my interest! While it had a slow start, White Ivy crafted a tale with people fighting to appear perfect at every turn. Both Ivy and Gideon’s families make great lengths to appear discreet yet gregarious in one breath. I definitely wanted to know what came next!

Further, Emily Woo Zeller did a great job narrating this story. Her storytelling left me completely engaged from beginning to end!


I recommend White Ivy for those seeking stories about family drama and coming-of-age stories. It’s also a thoughtful book about the immigration experience (centered around the Chinese diaspora).

In conclusion, White Ivy is a powerful story with a flawed yet resilient female character. You won’t be disappointed with this book!

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Rating: 4 out of 5.
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