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Please Pick Me by Reina Regina is a powerful and emotional poetry collection. Indeed, all the things that encapsulate love (anxiety, hope, devotion) is wrapped up in this book!

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‘Please Pick Me: Book Information

Please Pick Me by Reina Regina.

Please Pick Me by Reina Regina
Publisher: Moonchild Press Publishing
Genre: Poetry, Contemporary
Release Date: 11 November 2020

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In a garden of a thousand other volumes, my little yellow book with its earnest plea and hopeful flowers on the cover sits waiting for you to pick it up. It’s got a heart it wants to give away.

These haikus, poems, and prose pieces are about:

the miracle of being wanted back by someone we want,
the desperation of hoping they’ll fight harder when they waver;
additionally, the rawness of seeking reassurance that we are loved as we are,
finally, the tenderness we feel when we’re sending love out to others.

Indeed, those moments when we are making our need to be accepted plain and praying. Please pick me.

This book was born after twenty-six years of learning that it’s okay to want to be wanted, that vulnerability is merely throwing open the gateway to honest connections, and that fighting to be loved the way you deserve is bravery and not weakness.

I hope you open it. I hope it invites you to be open too.

Trigger/Content warnings:

  • Mentions of anxiety, depression, abuse, trauma, and a suicide note.

Please Pick Me: Author Information

Please Pick Me author, Reina Regina.

Reina Regina is a writer, professional tarot reader, Instagram creator, and former nurse. Additionally, she is published online as Reina Bambao on 8List, The Manila Times, Play Without Apology, and the Fully Booked First Look Club.

Reina resides in Manila, Philippines. She is the lady of the house for a doctor and two dogs. Please Pick Me is, to her great and pleasant surprise, her first book.

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Favorite Quotes

Here are my favorite quotes for Please Pick Me. This is truly a powerful poetry collection!

Your hands, I thought were
Big enough to hold my heart—
And crush it too.

I will give them hell
as I cherish him
so joyfully and sinfully
and thoroughly…

Choosing the boy who draws is choosing happiness.

I watch you wake up
Wrapped in my flowery sheets;
I forget to breathe.

This is the part where I say I believe in fate.

These November stars
Forged in passion, birthed in storms,
Outshine all the world.

Mood Board

While reading Please Pick Me, I imagined someone seeking the perfect companion. Along with dreams of love, the fear of rejection also exists. These images closely resemble my feelings about this poetry collection:

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