The Perfection in Love by Ronke Abidoye

The Perfection In Love follows a couple faced with challenges. Their love is indeed put to the test! Thank you to Prism Book Tours for providing me a digital copy!

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The Perfection in Love by Ronke Abidoye
Publisher: Queen of the King Enterprises
Format: eBook
Genre: Romance
Release Date: October 30, 2020

The Perfection in Love: Synopsis

Young, attractive, successful, and tenderly in love, Henry and Oyin Wilson appear to be the perfect couple. When Oyin’s parents and Henry’s childhood friend, Olive, come to visit, everything begins to fall apart.

All they do is argue…when they speak at all.

Henry knows Oyin’s mother doesn’t approve of him. Oyin is sure that Olive is in love with Henry. The longer the visitors stay, the more they are all together, the more it all unravels.

Brimming with delightful dialogue and familiar whisperings of the still, small voice, The Perfection in Love is a touching story of true, eternal principles that govern our world-and our hearts-in these modern times.

My Review

**I received The Perfection In Love through Prism Book Tours. Thank you for the gifted copy!**

The Perfection of Love was refreshing to read! It tells the story of Henry and Oyin navigating relationship’s milestones. This couple handles the sudden roadblocks that emerge when loved ones pay a visit.

Despite the undercurrent of tension that exists between Henry and Oyin, this novel explores their journey toward understanding each other. Long term relationships are a deep commitment, as two people love one another through joys and sorrows. Through the book, we’re reminded of Henry and Oyin’s loving commitment toward one another.

In conclusion, if you would like a Contemporary Romance with lessons in love and devotion, The Perfection In Love fits perfectly!

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