Tia Lugo Speaks No Evil: Cover Reveal

Tia Lugo Speaks No Evil by Danette Vigilante.

Tia Lugo Speaks No Evil is Danette Vigilante’s third book release! It features a young girl living with a shocking secret! Can Tia find serenity and enjoy her summer vacation? Does the answer rest in a magical place?

Perhaps Tia might turn to her grandmother (and the botanica she frequents) for the answer!

I’m happy to partner with Jolly Fish Press for the Tia Lugo Speaks No Evil cover reveal! It’s an Own Voices Middle Grade tale filled with friendship, magic and thrills!

Tia Lugo Speaks No Evil by Danette Vigilante. A young girl runs inside a botanica. A silhouette looks inside the window.

Tia Lugo Speaks No Evil: Book Information

Tia Lugo Speaks No Evil by Danette Vigilante
Publisher: Jolly Fish Press
Length: 208 pages
Genre: Middle Grade (10-14 years); Horror, Fiction, Legends & Myths
Representation: Latin American & Caribbean (Puerto Rico)
Format: Paperback and eBook
Book Release: August 17, 2021 (anticipated release)

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Tia Lugo has a deadly secret.

Tia Lugo considers herself an ordinary thirteen-year-old girl. She just wants to enjoy the end of summer. Tia enjoys hanging out with her best friend and neighbor Julius. Her Puerto Rican grandmother relies heavily (and unnecessarily) on creepy candles, weird-smelling herb bundles, and eerie statues—all available for sale at the nearby botánica.

However, Tia witnesses a murder late one night from her bedroom window. And everything changes.

Now, Tia is terrified to tell anyone what she’s seen. What if the killer comes after her too? He knows where she lives. Even worse, Tia believes he’s sending her secret messages, reminding her to stay quiet. Desperate to keep herself and her family safe, Tia turns to the last place she ever thought she’d go: her grandmother’s favorite shopping spot, the botánica.

Author Bio

Author Danette Vigilante

Danette Vigilante grew up in the Red Hook Houses in Brooklyn, New York. She now resides in Staten Island with her family, sweet pup, and an elderly cat who has just learned to meow. Danette is the author of The Trouble with a Half Moon, a 2012-2013 Sunshine State Young Readers award nominee, and Saving Baby Doe, a 2014 pick for the New York Public Library 100 titles for Reading and Sharing list. Danette encourages literacy in her community via a Little Free Library installed on her front lawn.

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Tia Lugo Speaks No Evil comes out on August 17, 2021! Make sure you pre-order this amazing book!

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