My Rating System

Every book I read is reviewed honestly! All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Update (as of July 13):

I’ve decided to remove Star Ratings from my reviews. My reviews will be as follows:

–Book Information: What the book is, genre, publisher, etc.

–Synopsis: A summary of the book.

–My Thoughts: My honest opinion of the book. My likes and dislikes. Feelings as I was reading the story.

–Recommendations: My opinion of who would find the book most enjoyable.

–Content/Trigger warnings (if any): This would state any graphic and/or harmful content for readers.

Why no more Star Ratings?

Simply put, I would like to try a new system that reflects my overall thoughts on a book. I always rate my books highly (between 4 and 5 stars), even when there are scenes in certain books that I’m not comfortable with.

I’m in no way saying that Star Ratings are bad…people can rate books however they want! I just want to try a different approach.

Let me know what you think! Thank you for visiting!