October 28, 2018: ‘Daughters of the Lake’ by Wendy Webb/A Review

I always enjoy a good suspense story. When there’s elements of paranormal drama, it makes the tale even more appealing. ‘Daughters of the Lake’ contains these ingredients to tell a captivating story. Wendy Webb writes this tale set in two time periods: The current era, and early 20th century.

The story begins with a body washing up on the lakeshore; a woman, with a baby wrapped in her arms. Kate Granger discovers this traumatic scene and experiences a strong reaction. Shortly after the discovery, Kate experiences strange dreams and images from another time, ones she finds impossible to explain. What follows in this story is a search for the truth for this mystery woman’s identity. The novel alternates between the modern era and early 20th century, painting a picture of a family gift filled with prophesy and tragedy stretching back several generations.

As Kate spends time in Wharton with a close cousin, she also uncovers the history of the town her past descendants made a life in, while coming to terms with the path her own life journey has taken. Kate learns that while one chapter of her life closes, another opens which holds surprises of its own.

‘Daughters of the Lake’ holds the right amount of historical account with paranormal overtones. This eclectic blend takes the reader through a memorable path as the truth of the crime is uncovered. This story was very well written, and I look forward to reading Wendy Webb’s other stories.

Rating: 5/5 Stars

October 9, 2018: Gateway to Fourline Review

The Gateway to Fourline by Pam Brondos is the first installment of a three part series. It delves into the world of Natalie Barnes, a college student trying to do what’s right for her family’s farming business while struggling to maintain her good college standing. Natalie finds a job in a costume shop to pay for her college tuition, yet one day, she enters a room that is off-limits. Curiosity leads Natalie into a world filled with powerful women and an evil lord, with plenty of unanswered questions. Before she knows it, Natalie gets drawn into the world of Fourline and fights for a cause that grows deep into her heart. She develops an affinity toward a blighted race, and this threatens her well-being, as well as ones who are closest to her while on her journey.

Although it took me a while to finish this book, I found Gateway to Fourline to be well paced. It left me wondering what would happen next right until the very end. I look forward to learning about what will happen to Natalie and the others in Fourline as I take on the next book in this world fairly soon.

June 5, 2018: ‘Our Kind of Cruelty’: My Thoughts

‘Our Kind of Cruelty’ by Araminta Hall tells tells the story of Michael Hayes and his extreme love for Verity Metcalf. The story begins with Michael receiving an invitation for Verity’s wedding, as Michael is designing the perfect home for his ‘dream’ girlfriend Verity to live in, despite the fact that they no longer speak. He believes that this lack of correspondence is all part of a game they used to play when they were seriously dating, a game that heavily relied on avoidance. What follows in this story is the narration from a character whose desire for someone falls heavily on the line of obsession. Michael has a personality that falls on deviance and anger, molded from the hardships from his past, and hardened by his inability to understand when to let go when things come to an end.

Araminta Hall writes beautifully the viewpoints of both a jilted, dangerous lover unable to take no for an answer, and the woman taking the steps to move on, yet pays a steep price for her decision. This story was very moving, and kept me rivited through the end of the story.

April 2, 2018: “Not That I Could Tell”: A Small Summary

I finished reading my Book of the Month selection for March, ‘Not That I Could Tell’ by Jessica Strawser. It turned out to be an engaging read. The story centered around the small community of Yellow Springs, Ohio, as a group of women are left to figure out the whereabouts of one of their friends after a night of drinking and conversation. One of the neighbors left to put the pieces together is a young working professional named Izzy, who is struggling to rebuild her own life after a sudden heartbreak. This story navigates the delicate line between maintaining anonymity for the sake of protecting the safe space of home while reaching out to friends at the first sign of distress. ‘Not That I Could Tell’ kept me reading to see what would happen to the neighborhood women of Yellow Springs as events unfolded.