July 20, 2018: Filling Station

So glad that the end of the work week is here. The past few days have left me feeling at a loss of ideas for next month’s theme at work. I’m predicting that it will all come to me right before August begins. It always happens like that, so last minute. Hopefully I can find that creative spark soon.

I’m really glad about attending the crocheting group on Tuesday! I have a project to start working on, but I want to make sure my left hand is in good shape to take on such a task. I feel some soreness, but pain like always lingers daily. Even if I’m not crocheting nonstop for an hour. I think I just need to pick up the yarn and get to it.

After work I’m heading to the Filling Station. It’s a nice hangout spot in downtown Flemington, across from where I used to live. It’s open during the weekend in the summer. A couple co-workers want to stop over there, so it will be a nice thing to relax and not worry about work routines.

July 19, 2018: Escape in Poetry Therapy

It’s going to get busy with poetry therapy for the next week. Saturday begins ACTIONWEEK, the yearly poetry therapy intensive. My mentor Lila Weisberger used to arrange the schedule, but she passed down the duties to Nessa a couple years ago. Both women have held amazing programs, and I used to attend every workshop, from beginning to end.

Due to me no longer living near NYC, the last four years have been difficult for me to attend the entire week. I’ve only been able to attend one day. My work schedule has made it extremely difficult to take weekdays off during the summer. Fortunately, this year I’ll be able to attend next weekend, both days. It’s such a relief, since I always look forward to ACTIONWEEK every year.

The only thing that’s sad about attending group is that Johanna will not be there with us. I think back to our phone conversations in the past in the weeks leading up to the intensive. We would talk about who we would see, what topics we would cover. Johanna was always someone who gathered so many materials for her workshops, so she would have lots of supplies to share. To not have her confident presence with us will be a bit emotional.

I look forward to attending though, because our poetry therapy is strong, and close knit. We hear each other during times of crisis and joy. It’s time for me to escape life in central NJ and connect with my poetry therapy tribe once again.

July 18, 2018: Good Outcome

Last night’s Sips and Stitches event went really well. It was located in Flemington, not far from where I work. I was the only crocheter at the gathering (the group leader does also, but currently does cross-stitching), but I enjoyed meeting others who work with yarn like me.

I felt a welcoming presence from the group leader, and she was easy to talk to. The other members were friendly also, with the exception of one who only cared to network with ppl with embroidery tools in front of them. I laughed it off. Everyone has their way of interacting with others. Hopefully I can make it to the next yarn crafting event held in the area.

July 17, 2018: Sips and Stitches

In a few hours I’ll be heading to a crochet meetup at a brewery. I wouldn’t think that such a gathering would take place at a brewery, but I’m happy that it is. Since moving to Hunterdon County two years ago, I haven’t been able to connect with many people who have similar interests to mine, so I’m looking forward to it. I’m trying not to set high expectations for tonight, in case it doesn’t work out. If anything, I can meet some new people and have a good drink.

July 16, 2018: Book Garden

A very humid day that changed to a hot afternoon. Certainly not a time to head outside later. I feel that we’ll be okay though. As long as I stick to the routine I planned out, the afternoon should go smoothly. Unless something unexpected happens (which always does)!

Thinking about the wonderful book store time yesterday. Andy and I stopped by this lovely book store in Frenchtown called The Book Garden. There was a cute little gnome sitting on the steps, which held a story behind it (the shop keeper told us the story about a woman who gave away her gnome collection to the town as a going away present.

Such a beautiful day this is. If only we could visit there again today!

July 15, 2018: Thankful

Sunday mornings are usually a time for rest, having one more free day until the stress of the work week begins again. For me, some Sunday mornings bring worry, due to me overthinking issues in my life. I really need to stop doing that!

This morning brings some promise, since my left hand still feels good after crocheting yesterday. Of course the support brace I wear while working (and at night) certainly helps. I’m looking forward to crocheting again today. A few rows a day.

July 14, 2018: Gatherings and Library Adventures

It’s been a quiet but eventful Saturday. Earlier today was Andy’s brother’s birthday celebration at Chimney Rock. It was a good gathering, and some close family friends were there, in addition to immediate family. Andy’s nephew certainly made his presence known, in a good way!

After the gathering we went to the Hunterdon County Library to take out some curriculum related books for my theme. I found one book, then was about to do a catalog search online when the power went out. Turns out that the library was running on generator power all day, then it gave out. I can still take out the book I had, so I did just that.

Andy and I then went to the North Branch location for books. Their computers were down, but we could still check out books manually. I had to search for what I needed by combing through the stacks, but thankfully that didn’t take long. This is one of moments where the old fashioned method of paper card catalogs would serve a great purpose! It all worked out in the end though. I kinda love searching through titles in stacks. It’s the book lover in me!