May 11, 2018: Hopeful

I visited my grandfather today, after work. He said that he was moved from another floor earlier that day, and the swelling on his feet seemed to be returning. He’s hopeful to get discharged tomorrow though. Hopefully that will happen.

Tomorrow I’ll be visiting my close friend in the hospital. Her health has taken a turn for worse. I’m looking forward to spending some time with her.

I’m hopeful to finally finish ‘Girl on the Train’ this weekend. I really want to read the Book of the Month selections I’ve receivedthese past couple months.

May 10, 2018: Day of Ascension

After work Andy and I may go to church to fulfill our day of obligation for Ascension Day. While we’re there, I’m going to leave special prayers for the special people in my life who are enduring such difficulties. It seems like rough events pile on one after another. My grandfather is still in the hospital for his asthma. My dear friend in the poetry therapy community is also being hospitalized, due to an aggressive form of cancer. Amazingly, I move about my day like usual, yet my thoughts are with them always. I hope to visit both people on Saturday.

May 9, 2018: Music

Whenever I open at work, I love to play music. It’s calming for the children to hear, and very soothing to my soul. I can listen to most genres of music during the day, but I love hearing classic rock when I’m with the kids. It can be very soothing, and (depending on the artist) very risk free.

May 8, 2018: Tuesday Thoughts on Baseball

So fun watching the Seattle Mariners pitcher pitch a no hitter! It was equally endearing to watch the crowd praise him. It was an Away game for the Mariners, in Toronto, but the pitcher is Canadian.

I’m waiting for the Matt Harvey drama to continue during the Mets series with the Reds. Since the Mets and Reds swapped Harvey for a Reds catcher, I’m waiting to hear any possible commentary about that tonight.

I can’t wait to watch a Mets game at Citi Field again. The summer months can’t come soon enough.

May 7, 2018: Lifelines

Things happen unexpectedly all the time. It can happen during the most ordinary moments: checking the phone while waiting for an OT session to begin, or returning a phone call while attending a birthday gathering. You could be home, giving the weekly call to family to catch up with them, or traveling to New York to attend an event. These ordinary moments can be followed up with surprising news in an instant. You catch your breath. Your heart skips a beat. You process the information, yet the words fail to come. After some time (it could be a few hours, or a day), you reach out to those close to you. You share with one another, and hold on, since kindred bonds strengthen delicate lifelines.

May 6, 2018: Holding On

Today Andy and I saw ‘A Quiet Place’. It was a pretty good film, very chilling to see how the family starring in the movie create ways to stay silent to keep away from the creatures stalking them. It was a necessary distraction from the distressing news I’m handing currently. My grandfather is getting treated for a serious respiratory condition, and one of my close friends is enduring many medical treatments for her cancer. There is so much I want to do for them, yet I feel so powerless. Life is very fleeting, and it’s vitally important to cherish every friendship and family bond you have. It could all change in an instant.

May 5, 2018: Connecting with Family

Getting my hair done today. It’s been a couple months, and my color needed to get touched up. It will be the same deep brown shade. Thank goodness I stopped going to salons by my house to get color done. It seems like they have an aversion to dark hair color.

After the salon I’m going to visit my family. My grandfather hasn’t been feeling his best. It happens around the same time these past few years. Spring comes, the pollen runs wild, and my grandfather’s asthma acts up. I’m hopeful that he will be okay.