A Day In My Life/Blogtober Day 23

I’m participating in The Library Looter and Anniek’s Library Blogtober challenge.

During the week, my days begin very early (6am), for me to prepare for work. I’m currently subbing at a school in Central NJ, but I begin a permanent job next week (yay!).

I go to work, and my phone goes off until 3:30pm!

I get home around 4, then I check email and do some bookish things (read a couple chapters from a current book, book blogging, writing poetry)

During October I’ve been venturing to New York City once a week. One of the good things about subbing is that you can make your own schedule, so I make sure I take one day a week to spend time with books, and explore. The photos above were from a recent trip to Poets House!
Of course my schedule will shift next week, but I’ll make sure that I still make time to venture into New York on a regular basis!

I hope everyone’s week is going well!

September 14, 2018: Fortune

Today Andy and I went on a small shopping excursion after dinner. I needed a new pair of pants, so I visited Uniqlo to see their selections. I managed to find a nice pair of purple leggings in my size! I felt relieved, since I keep going between sizes these past few months.

It was a nice distraction from the stresses in my life. These past few months have been very challenging, but I can only keep the faith, and hope that my fortune at work will change for the better. I just need to move forward in my path with determination.

September 12, 2018: Celebrations

Today was my center’s Back to School night. I usually don’t have a high turnout on this day, but I take advantage of the situation and get some work done. After the event ended, Andy and I had fun at Buffalo Wild Wings endless happy hour. It was fun to relax with drinks in the middle of the work week.

This weekend I’ll take part in another work event, but this time it’s for celebrating a life event for a co-worker, a baby shower. It will be this co-worker’s first child, and it’s an exciting moment for both mom and husband. Andy and I plan on adopting adorable animals in the future, yet I’m excited for my co-worker as she gets ready for this new event in her life.

September 5, 2018: Disbelief

It’s been one of those crazy-yet-blah kind of days. A very busy day at work, surrounded with little dramas here and there. It’s tough when you’re surrounded by conditions that aren’t the most ideal. I long to change my situation, yet it’s very, very slow going.

For now, I relax at home and watch a Mets game. 2018 was not the Mets’ year, but they’re still entertaining to watch. As soon as I’m done with this post, I’m going to read the op-ed article from the NY Times. You know, the ‘anonymous’ posting from the White House. That should be an informative read. It’s astounding how everyone seems to be afraid of the President. After displaying a chaotic, anti-humanitarian nature, officials are still fearful to penalize him. I wonder what it’s going to take for our government to take a stand against him.


July 9, 2018: Reaching Out

Today was back to the regular work week. Although it was a little hard to return, the great weekend I experienced certainly helped me ease back into the routine. The day had all of the craziness working with toddlers always brings. Eventually the work day came to a close, and I was heading home I noticed a Facebook post from one of my New York relatives. This person was once close, but time caused us to drift apart. I always think about the fun times we shared during family gatherings, and I always think about his well being.

In my relative’s post it revealed something rather surprising, and I never imagined him enduring such deep roadblocks. After taking in his post, I contacted his loved ones about him, and she responded that he was doing well, but she appreciated me reaching out. I feel regret about not knowing about his struggle for so long. It seems that he largely disappeared for quite some time, but I honestly didn’t think about contacting him. I can blame it on my flakiness, or life and events just moving too fast. The end result is the same unfortunate thought: If only I kept in touch with him more often.


July 4, 2018: Relaxation

Happy 4th of July everyone! This was an ideal day to just relax and so some mid-summer cleaning. I took this time to re-organize the things that accumulated in my room, so I spent a good hour finding a space for everything. There’s still a couple bags I need to address, but I’m thankful that it’s completed for the most part. I also spent time creating a classroom book for my toddlers tomorrow. Hopefully it won’t fall to pieces by the end of the week, even after it being laminated. 🙂

I very much look forward to beginning The Lovely Bones tonight. Since I’m now finished with work items for the evening, I can take on a couple chapters. I’m still feeling wide awake at 9pm, so that’s also a plus.

July 2, 2018: Tackling Closets

Today I tackled my work closet once again. Although I keep my closet free from accumulating ‘stuff”, every few months I find myself sifting through packs of scrap paper and materials saved for future projects. So it was a huge relief to just remove things I simply didn’t need. Since I came in early, I had the time to focus on this task before I began my shift.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow after work, since the annual fireworks celebration will be held in Flemington. It’s not too far from where I work, so most likely Andy and I will linger in the area so we can find a good spot.


June 28, 2018: Thursday Thoughts

  • It feels so relaxing coming home after a very long day at work. After enduring the long work day, and an equally long after-work meeting, the end was such a relief.
  • I spoke to my best friend Carmen a short time ago. It was very brief, but it was wonderful to catch up.
  • It’s saddening to learn about the shooting in Maryland. There has been non-stop violence in our country, and this must come to an end.