A Day In My Life/Blogtober Day 23

I’m participating in The Library Looter and Anniek’s Library Blogtober challenge. During the week, my days begin very early (6am), for me to prepare for work. I’m currently subbing at a school in Central NJ, but I begin a permanent job next week (yay!). I go to work, and my phone goes off until 3:30pm!Continue reading “A Day In My Life/Blogtober Day 23”

September 14, 2018: Fortune

Today Andy and I went on a small shopping excursion after dinner. I needed a new pair of pants, so I visited Uniqlo to see their selections. I managed to find a nice pair of purple leggings in my size! I felt relieved, since I keep going between sizes these past few months. It wasContinue reading “September 14, 2018: Fortune”

September 12, 2018: Celebrations

Today was my center’s Back to School night. I usually don’t have a high turnout on this day, but I take advantage of the situation and get some work done. After the event ended, Andy and I had fun at Buffalo Wild Wings endless happy hour. It was fun to relax with drinks in theContinue reading “September 12, 2018: Celebrations”

September 5, 2018: Disbelief

It’s been one of those crazy-yet-blah kind of days. A very busy day at work, surrounded with little dramas here and there. It’s tough when you’re surrounded by conditions that aren’t the most ideal. I long to change my situation, yet it’s very, very slow going. For now, I relax at home and watch aContinue reading “September 5, 2018: Disbelief”

July 9, 2018: Reaching Out

Today was back to the regular work week. Although it was a little hard to return, the great weekend I experienced certainly helped me ease back into the routine. The day had all of the craziness working with toddlers always brings. Eventually the work day came to a close, and I was heading home IContinue reading “July 9, 2018: Reaching Out”

July 4, 2018: Relaxation

Happy 4th of July everyone! This was an ideal day to just relax and so some mid-summer cleaning. I took this time to re-organize the things that accumulated in my room, so I spent a good hour finding a space for everything. There’s still a couple bags I need to address, but I’m thankful thatContinue reading “July 4, 2018: Relaxation”

July 2, 2018: Tackling Closets

Today I tackled my work closet once again. Although I keep my closet free from accumulating ‘stuff”, every few months I find myself sifting through packs of scrap paper and materials saved for future projects. So it was a huge relief to just remove things I simply didn’t need. Since I came in early, IContinue reading “July 2, 2018: Tackling Closets”

June 28, 2018: Thursday Thoughts

It feels so relaxing coming home after a very long day at work. After enduring the long work day, and an equally long after-work meeting, the end was such a relief. I spoke to my best friend Carmen a short time ago. It was very brief, but it was wonderful to catch up. It’s saddeningContinue reading “June 28, 2018: Thursday Thoughts”