Reading Blog: ‘We Hunt the Flame’ by Hafsah Faizal

I’m at Chapter 52 at ‘We Hunt the Flame’. I don’t know why this book is taking me so long to read through, because I really enjoy it! It involves a young woman names Zafira, masquerading as a man in order to restore peace. She goes on a quest to obtain an artifact which will restore magic to the world of Arwiya. The story is told in two perspectives: Zafira and Nasir, known as the Prince of Death, yet he wants no part of this title.

Both Nasir and Zafira are handling the task with avenging the deaths of someone dear to their lives. Their approach to relationships are cold and aloof, yet their hearts long for a deeper connection to life. Nasir wishes to be free from the moniker of an assassin, while Zafira longs to be free from hiding her femininity in order to be taken seriously. As I get more involved in the story, I’m hoping to see a breakthrough in their journeys.

November 1, 2018: Books and Family Celebrations

Halloween is over, yet it doesn’t mean that the ‘spooky’ theme needs to be put away. I’m one of those people who sticks to eccentric, dark things no matter the time of year. Some of the new books out there sounds amazing to explore really soon.

Right now I’m reading ‘After the Quake’ by Murakami (I don’t have the book in front of me, so I don’t want to get his name wrong). It’s a short story collection, and so far I read one of the pieces. Perhaps it’s due to the translation, but he has an interesting way of writing his characters. I can’t wait to read the rest of the collection.

Today is my cousin Phillip’s 30th birthday! It’s such a milestone year. Currently he’s living in Florida with his family. He has a very busy life, but he does what he can to make sure everyone is content. I’m hopeful that I can see him in August for the wedding.

October 2, 2018: Reading and Working

Sometimes I need to balance my time wisely. Finding a middle ground between performing work tasks when I’m at home, and pursuing my passion for reading and writing. I’m deep into reading my Kindle fantasy novel, just a couple chapters an evening. Ever once in a while, preparing for work leaves me so exhausted that I skip reading. It just leads me to seeking another way to balance my time more efficiently.

As usual, I hope to conclude the week finishing my Kindle read, but I’m unsure if I can complete that task. If I read a couple chapters a day I should be fine. Perhaps I can finish it off by the end of next week. There are so many other fun books to read.

October 1, 2018: Quick Notes on the Month

To me, October begins the season of celebrations. It’s my favorite time of year, from Halloween month, right up until February (my birthday month). There’s also fun activities taking place in the reading front this month. I’m setting a goal to read consistently throughout the month of October. Instagram has this fun reading challenge that blends reading and photos throughout the month, and I’m looking forward to exploring the photos.

September 29, 2018: New Books in Familiar Surroundings

I get very excited when I come to Wildwood, since I can really check out the beautiful surroundings with someone who knows the area. Andy shares so many stories of restaurants and historical landmarks, and I just soak it all in. I also get super excited about heading to the bookstore near our hotel. Along with prices being steeply discounted, it’s literally wall-to-wall of books. I got happy to finally locate Lisa See’s latest novel in paperback. She tells great piecea of historical fiction based in China and parts of California. It means that another title is on my To-Be-Read list, but I can’t wait to begin reading it.

September 9, 2018: New Reads and Weekend Tasks

  • I’m currently reading ‘Gateway to Fourline’ by Pam Brondos. I picked it up through a Kindle Reads special a few months back, and I finally got around to reading it the other day. I’m only a couple chapters in, and it’s an enjoyable read. Fantasy genre, with a touch of modern blended in.
  • I committed most of the weekend to completing prep work for my classroom. My center will be open tomorrow, so I can come in early to change over my room.
  • I had the chance to attend a baby shower in Union County this afternoon. I’m excited to see how the baby will act with his peers when he’s finally here. My future mother-in-law crocheted a beautiful blue blanket for a gift. She was insecure about the finished product, but it came out beautiful. I’m certain that it will be greatly appreciated, especially since he will be born towards the end of the year.