Top 5 Disney Villans/Blogtober Day 5

Many people recall absorbing Disney content at one point in their lives. When I was younger, I would watch the movies and play the Books on Record on repeat! Aside from the heroes, the villians were the most memorable parts of the story! In this post I will list the top 5 Disney villians (inContinue reading “Top 5 Disney Villans/Blogtober Day 5”

Describing My Perfect Autumn Reading Nook/Blogtober Day 4

I envision my Autumn reading nook as a soothing, comfy place: There would be pillows and seats in black and white, with pumpkins throughout! There would be autumnal messages posted on the walls: Orange and white candles would be stationed around my reading space: Pumpkins would also be planted around the room: And of course,Continue reading “Describing My Perfect Autumn Reading Nook/Blogtober Day 4”

Autumn Goals!

Autumn is finally here! As much as everyone dreads the arrival of Fall, I enjoy it! It’s the season right before everything is inundated with snowfall. Breezy again to wear a sweater, yet not to the point that you’re wearing three layers of clothes! With the arrival of Autumn, here are three goals I wantContinue reading “Autumn Goals!”

Blogmas Day 4: Sweater Weather Tag

Today I’m taking part of the Sweater Weather Tag! I wasn’t tagged by anyone to do this, I came across this idea through Louise Rose’s page. 1. Favourite candle scent?I enjoy White Barn candle scents. Anything with Peppermint or Gingerbread scents I really love.  2. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?Tough question! I’m a steadfast coffeeContinue reading “Blogmas Day 4: Sweater Weather Tag”

November 30, 2018: Finishing My Draft

Last night I completed NaNoWriMo! I can’t believe I finished writing 50,000 words. In the beginning of the month, I started the project just to see how far I could go. Writing a book was always the farthest from my mind. I never saw myself as an ‘author’. And while I’m still not at thatContinue reading “November 30, 2018: Finishing My Draft”

November 21, 2018: NaNoWriMo progress, and Thanksgiving

It’s the final third of NaNoWriMo. I’m really excited about that. I’ve been doing my best in writing every day. It will be fun to finally upload my whole draft onto the site. I’ll just need to move a couple things around before submitting it. Hopefully it won’t require a million hoops to validate it.Continue reading “November 21, 2018: NaNoWriMo progress, and Thanksgiving”

November 19, 2018: Monday Mornings

For the first time in a while, I actually got all the things completed that I needed to do for today. Usually prepwork takes a few hours to do for me, but ot actually went fairly quickly. I had some time to write before it became very late. It’s hard to function when I writeContinue reading “November 19, 2018: Monday Mornings”

November 16, 2018: Shades of Winter

Yesterday New Jersey had the first snowfall of the winter season. The kicker is that we haven’t entered winter yet (we don’t experience Winter for another month). Unlike other storms when workers are given ample time to leave to stay safe, that didn’t happen yesterday. The nightmare commutes and horror stories were endless. I don’tContinue reading “November 16, 2018: Shades of Winter”

November 10, 2018: Mixed Feelings

A chill is in the air this weekend. I haven’t been outside for a few days, yet I can feel the draft seep in when sitting near the kitchen window. Winter made an unannounced visit to remind autumn that yes, the dormant season is right around the corner. This time of year brings its blendContinue reading “November 10, 2018: Mixed Feelings”