My Mother, Always a Guardian Angel

This post is a Six Word Saturday contribution. Please check out Debbie’s source post here. Today Andy and I are visiting my mom’s resting place in Clifton. Tomorrow would have been Mom’s 67th birthday. Since tomorrow’s weather calls for a messy, wintry mix, the hour commute to Clifton would be unsafe to travel. My mother isContinue reading “My Mother, Always a Guardian Angel”

The Wheel of Life Always Turns

This post is a Six Word Saturday contribution. Please check out Debbie’s source post here. The original source for Today my husband and I attended a birthday party. It was for a 1 year old, and when it comes to babies at parties, he was certainly calm! He had cake for the first time today,Continue reading “The Wheel of Life Always Turns”

December 15, 2018: Birthday Outings, and Wildwood Memories

Some thoughts as I relax on Saturday morning: Today is my friend Carmen’s birthday. I hope she’ll have a nice day to herself in Puerto Rico. Her favorite thing to do is spend a few hours at the casino. She doesn’t spend a lot, but she enjoys her time there. It’s such an unseasonable day.Continue reading “December 15, 2018: Birthday Outings, and Wildwood Memories”

December 12, 2018: Two Months Apart

Last night I spoke to my best friend from Puerto Rico. We shared about how the life paths my cousin and her niece have taken, who were born two months apart, are very different. It’s been 13 years since I last saw her niece, and she’s made a successful life for herself. Had my cousinContinue reading “December 12, 2018: Two Months Apart”

December 9, 2018: West Caldwell with Friends

Yesterday was an eventful one. Andy and I began our journey in Somerset, headed towards the New Brunswick area. A couple hours into the journey, we received word that a good friend of Andy’s was having a birthday gathering an hour away. It was an hour away, yet we still wanted to hang out withContinue reading “December 9, 2018: West Caldwell with Friends”

November 1, 2018: Books and Family Celebrations

Halloween is over, yet it doesn’t mean that the ‘spooky’ theme needs to be put away. I’m one of those people who sticks to eccentric, dark things no matter the time of year. Some of the new books out there sounds amazing to explore really soon. Right now I’m reading ‘After the Quake’ by MurakamiContinue reading “November 1, 2018: Books and Family Celebrations”

October 21, 2018: Birthdays and Reading Progress

I spoke to my aunt and uncle for a little while today. It’s their birthday, and each person is going through a significant change in life (one transitioning into a career change, the other readying for retirement). I offered my input as to where to seek information for a career shift. It’s understandably overwhelming, butContinue reading “October 21, 2018: Birthdays and Reading Progress”

September 25, 2018: Classroom Prep and Friendship

My naptime CDs from Amazon came in today! I’m very happy, since the ones I keep at work are skipping like crazy due to overuse. Andy is going to create a copy of the CDs so I can make another copy in case the disc stops working again. Today is my friend Iris’s birthday! IrisContinue reading “September 25, 2018: Classroom Prep and Friendship”

August 26, 2018: Birthday in Rockland

Today Andy and I went to Rockland County to celebrate my niece Ana’s 4th birthday. It’s always such a treat when I see her. Ever since I moved down to central NJ two years ago, I don’t get to see her very often, so it’s a special time whenever I’m around her. Ana is suchContinue reading “August 26, 2018: Birthday in Rockland”

August 23, 2018: Weekend Plans, and Positive Change

This weekend Andy and I celebrate my niece’s 4th birthday. It will be held in at a park in Rockland County, New York. We attended her party last year at the same location, and we had a wonderful time. I have relatives who live in this area, so it will be nice to go visitContinue reading “August 23, 2018: Weekend Plans, and Positive Change”