October 19, 2018: Literary Paths

I’m really liking ‘Daughters of the Lake’ so far. Wendy Webb loves going into a historical account of the characters involved in her plotlines. It’s very helpful for me, since I feel like it helps build tension for the pending drama that’s sure to take place.

I enjoy exploring many book blogging sites. Since I love to read and write, my ultimate goal is to begin a page if my own. Poetry also holds a strong place in my heart, and I want to express that devotion through the content I post on a daily basis.

September 29, 2018: New Books in Familiar Surroundings

I get very excited when I come to Wildwood, since I can really check out the beautiful surroundings with someone who knows the area. Andy shares so many stories of restaurants and historical landmarks, and I just soak it all in. I also get super excited about heading to the bookstore near our hotel. Along with prices being steeply discounted, it’s literally wall-to-wall of books. I got happy to finally locate Lisa See’s latest novel in paperback. She tells great piecea of historical fiction based in China and parts of California. It means that another title is on my To-Be-Read list, but I can’t wait to begin reading it.

July 23, 2018: Rainy Days and Books

It’s pouring out there this week. All morning there were torrential downpours, and it seems like the afternoon will bring more of the same. I’m doing my best to keep the children busy. It’s likely that we’ll be indoors all week. Sparks of sunshine gives false hope, since that accompanies the rain also.

I finally finished reading ‘The Lovely Bones’ yesterday! It was truly an intense novel, very ‘coming-of-age’ while grappling the reality of losing a loved one. I will write more about it on my next post.

What I would love to do is take on a read-a-thon. I’m discovering these large book communities online, and they all share about the love of reading and book challenges. Currently my work schedule won’t allow that, but I hope that soon I can make time to begin reading my next book.

July 14, 2018: Gatherings and Library Adventures

It’s been a quiet but eventful Saturday. Earlier today was Andy’s brother’s birthday celebration at Chimney Rock. It was a good gathering, and some close family friends were there, in addition to immediate family. Andy’s nephew certainly made his presence known, in a good way!

After the gathering we went to the Hunterdon County Library to take out some curriculum related books for my theme. I found one book, then was about to do a catalog search online when the power went out. Turns out that the library was running on generator power all day, then it gave out. I can still take out the book I had, so I did just that.

Andy and I then went to the North Branch location for books. Their computers were down, but we could still check out books manually. I had to search for what I needed by combing through the stacks, but thankfully that didn’t take long. This is one of moments where the old fashioned method of paper card catalogs would serve a great purpose! It all worked out in the end though. I kinda love searching through titles in stacks. It’s the book lover in me!