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March 27, 2018: Children Making a Difference

I am so amazed by the movement the current young generation has inspired in our country. The Parkland school shooting has displayed a phenomenal action of young adults taking a stand against the poison that needs to be removed from our country, and that’s the misuse of firearms. Yes, we have the right to bear arms in the U.S., yet the 2nd amendment is being exploited by those claiming to carry weapons for the sake of protection, only to use it against our most vulnerable citizens-children. So many protests across the country is a clear message to everyone that it’s time to stop ignoring the safety of our students. Children and their families should not have to go to school fearing that they may never come home. Firearms should be owned and used properly by citizens. The fact that the safe use of weapons is getting twisted into a cycle of fighting and debate is what’s going to lead to indifference, which will lead to the next mass school shooting. The push for change is always in motion.

March 16, 2018: Maintaining Connections

I had a very good conversation with a good friend last night. We were very close in college, and we manage to keep in touch over the years despite us living in different locations. We arranged to get together in a few weeks, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing her again.

I contacted my family in Paterson the other day, but it’s tougher to get in touch with them. One of my relatives noticed the photo Andy took of us at our pre-cana class last weekend and sent a message to me. I responded to her, but the discussion didn’t go any further. It’s not the first time this person has done this, yet I could never understand why it’s done constantly.

I’m very much looking forward to tonight, since I’m seeing an old co-worker for dinner. We used to work together a few years ago, but thankfully we’ve also maintained contact. Our work schedules make it difficult to connect (I have my crazy hours at the center, she’s a nurse and teacher), but we finally came up with a day to meet up and connect. Hopefully my job doesn’t take an insane turn toward the end of the day which makes it tougher to leave on time.

March 2, 2018: Time for Myself

Yesterday I actually had time to change most of my classroom displays before my shift ended. It usually takes forever switching things out, especially managing five toddlers as I’m working on my room. I had the room all to myself when my shift ended also, instead of craziness with little ones staying in my room. I was so relieved that I was done early that I left the job at 5:45. Since I didn’t need to worry about children making a mess when I’m not there, I left. It was beginning to rain anyway, and all this talk about a nor’easter approaching had me act on the safe side.

When I came home I learned it was World Book Day. I got so excited, since I adore reading. My mother taught me to read at a very young age, so I always held reading close to my heart. I can’t wait to actually have time to pick up a book for leisure again. Work and planning has sadly placed reading for fun on the back burner. Which makes fulfilling a reading challenge go to the wayside also. I’ll be happy if I can read five books for fun this year, at the rate I’m going.

February 22, 2018: Cycle of Violence and Indifference

I watched the CNN town hall special centered on the Parkland school shooting last night. It was truly heartbreaking to hear students’ questions, especially those who lost friends right before their eyes. It was equally tragic to hear the words of the politicians who visited the meeting, as they were pledging to create laws on gun control in the weeks ahead. It’s another sign of the cycle of violence and indifference taking place once again. The assault rifle ban should have been renewed years ago. It may have prevented the deaths of innocent children and teachers who protected their lives.

Another topic that’s emerged is our President considering allowing teachers to carry a weapon as they’re working. As a teacher, I never thought that the idea of carrying a concealed weapon would be added to the responsibilities I take on with my students. I dedicated my life to teach children to support one another, and expand on their knowledge. Carrying a weapon while teaching will not solve the assault rifle ban dilemma. Children will fall under the constant threat of dangerous people carrying assault weapons, coupled with the constant threat of gunfire should an anxious educator fires their weapon improperly. Given that the spokeswoman of the NRA has children of her own, I can only hope that she would realize the tragedy of the gun control debate soon enough.

February 16, 2018: Friendship and Chinese New Year

I’m still waiting to hear from my friend from Puerto Rico to call back. The last time I spoke to her was over the weekend, about her situation with her mother’s grave site. This has been a very emotional time for her, to say the least. I’m hopeful that we can talk over the weekend.

Today marks the beginning of Chinese New Year. It falls on a different day every year, but usually between January & February. This year is the Year of the Dog. People born in a Dog year are very loyal and adventurous. At work we’re going to make a special craft with the children to honor Year of the Dog. My kids don’t know a lot about Chinese New Year, but they enjoy crafts, so it should be a fun day.

February 12, 2018: Priorities

The cemetery near my friend’s town in Puerto Rico closed over the weekend. There was immense damage from Hurricane Maria, so the only option officials have is to close the area. People who have loved ones still buried there can move them to another location, as soon as one is chosen. So the process of searching for loved ones among the destruction begins.

One hardship after another is endured. My close friend has withstood so much in the past few months. There are also medical and familial struggles she is handling. For now, she needs to communucate with her brother as to how to move their mother out of the closed location. The priority now is to make sure they can see their mother again.