Cover Reveal: Fated by Sarah Biglow & Molly Zenk

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Look no further! I’m excited to share the cover for Fated, the upcoming fantasy novel by Sarah Biglow & Molly Zenk!

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‘Fated’ Cover Reveal

Fated by Sarah Biglow & Molly Zenk

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Book Blurb

The war for humanity has just begun…

Three months after Mr. Heartsong lit the match that ignited the second Vampire-Human Civil War, Darren and his team of Hunters are doing all they can to combat a vicious enemy. But even with Edith and her daughters firmly on their side, the humans face overwhelming odds and not everyone comes back unscathed.

The heat of battle forces Darren and Edith to confront the reality of their tenuous romance: she’s immortal and there’s no chance he’d let her turn him. Fighting the fear of losing everyone she loves is harder than taking out her own kind with a ballpoint pen.

As the ultimate battle looms, fate comes calling. To win the war, Darren and Edith will have to leave everything on the line.  Even if that means making the ultimate sacrifice for the good of humankind.

Fated comes out on 16 November 2021! Are you as excited about this book as I am? Feel free to share in the comments!

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Cover Reveal: Something Between Bitter and Sweet by Laekan Zea Kemp

I’m happy to show the Cover Reveal for Somewhere Between Bitter and Sweet by Laekan Zea Kemp! A million thanks to Hear our Voices Book Tours for letting me take part!

Book Information

Somewhere Between Bitter and Sweet by Laekan Zea Kemp
Little Brown Books for Young Readers
Cover Art: Poppy Magda
Genre: YA Contemporary
Length: 384 pages
Release Date: April 6, 2021

LBYR | Indiebound | Barnes & Noble | Amazon | Apple | Google Play


I’m Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter meets Emergency Contact in this stunning story of first love, familial expectations, the power of food, and finding where you belong.

As an aspiring pastry chef, Penelope Prado has always dreamed of opening her own pastelería next to her father’s restaurant, Nacho’s Tacos. But her mom and dad have different plans — leaving Pen to choose between disappointing her traditional Mexican-American parents or following her own path. When she confesses a secret she’s been keeping, her world is sent into a tailspin. But then she meets a cute new hire at Nacho’s who sees through her hard exterior and asks the questions she’s been too afraid to ask herself.

Xander Amaro has been searching for home since he was a little boy. For him, a job at Nacho’s is an opportunity for just that — a chance at a normal life, to settle in at his abuelo’s, and to find the father who left him behind. But when both the restaurant and Xander’s immigrant status are threatened, he will do whatever it takes to protect his new found family and himself.

Together, Pen and Xander must navigate first love and discovering where they belong — both within their families and their fiercely loyal Chicanx community — in order to save the place they all call home.

Author Information

Laekan Zea Kemp

Laekan Zea Kemp is a writer living in Austin, Texas. She received her B.A. in Creative Writing from Texas Tech University and her M.F.A. in Teaching from the University of North Texas. She’s the author of the paranormal romance series, The Girl In Between, and the forthcoming young adult novel, Somewhere Between Bitter and Sweet. When she’s not writing she’s religiously re-watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, reading anything by Melina Marchetta, and teaching English as a Second Language to the most amazing teenagers from all over the world.

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Cover Reveal | ‘Hollow Road’ by Dan Fitzgerald

I’m happy to share with you the Cover Reveal for Hollow Road by Dan Fitzgerald! Thank you to Storytellers on Tour for letting me take part!

Book Information

Cover Reveal:
Hollow Road, the Maer Cycle Book One by Dan Fitzgerald

Shadow Spark Publishing
FileName: HollowRoad.jpg

Hollow Road by Dan Fitzgerald
Book 1 in the Maer Cycle
Genre: Fantasy
Age Group: Adult
Release Date: September 17, 2020


Legends describe the Maer as savage man-beasts haunting the mountains, their bodies
and faces covered with hair. Creatures of unimaginable strength, cunning, and cruelty.
Bedtime stories to keep children indoors at night. Soldiers’ tales to frighten new recruits.

It is said the Maer once ruled the Silver Hills, but they have long since passed into

This is the story of their return.

Carl, Sinnie and Finn, three companions since childhood, are tasked with bringing a
friend’s body home for burial. Along the way, they find there is more to the stories than
they ever imagined, and the mountains hold threats even darker than the Maer. What
they discover on their journey will change the way they see the world forever.

Travel down Hollow Road to find out which legends are true, and which have been

Author Information

Dan Fitzgerald
File Name: DanFitzgerald.png

Website | Twitter | Instagram

Dan Fitzgerald is a fantasy writer living in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington,
DC with his wife, twin boys, and two cats. When he is not writing, he might be gardening,
doing yoga, cooking, or listening to French music.

Find out more about Dan and his books at, or find him on
Twitter or Instagram, with the handle danfitzwrites in both places.

Publishing Imprint:
Shadow Spark Publishing
File Name: ShadowSpark.png

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

Are you excited about Hollow Road like I am? It sounds like an amazing read!

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Cover Reveal | The Skald’s Black Verse by Jordan Loyal Short

I’m very excited to take part in ‘The Skald’s Black Verse’ Cover Reveal! Thank you to Storytellers on Tour for allowing me to take part!

Cover Reveal: The Skald's Black Verse, The Dreadbound Ode Book 1, by Jordan Loyal Short. Text written in gold. a man with antlers stands in the center of a red and gold background.
File name: TheSkaldsBlackVerse.jpg

The Skald’s Black Verse by Jordan Loyal Short
Book 1 in The Dreadbound Ode series
Genre: Epic Gridmark Fantasy
Age Group: Adult
Release Date: August 6, 2020 (re-release)


When a soldier’s murder sparks rebellion in the tiny village of Skolja, Brohr’s past marks
him as the prime suspect. Haunted by his brother’s ghost, and drawn into a web of dark
pacts and tangled loyalties, Brohr must choose between the path of vengeance set
before him, and a chance to forge his own fate.

From the shadows, an all but extinct race of alien demigods have begun the end game
of their millennia-spanning war, and one has chosen Brohr for his closing gambit.
But Brohr’s grandfather harbors a dark secret that will change everything.

Above it all, a dread portent looms in the sky, spelling the death of Brohr’s world. With
doom spiraling toward them, Brohr must lead an unlikely rebellion, unearth disturbing
family secrets, and tame the raging ghost that haunts him. Can Brohr lead his people
out of darkness, or will he succumb to his own terrifying bloodlust, and destroy the very
people he has sworn to save?

Author Information

Jordan Loyal Short is a debut author of epic fantasy. His first novel, The Skald’s Black
Verse, is a dark and beautiful story about families, cultures, and beliefs at war with
themselves. The protagonist, Brohr, must navigate the tangled loyalties and unforgiving
biases of a planet conquered by invaders from another world. Using black magic, and
the bizarre bond he shares with his stillborn brother’s spirit, Brohr unravels the truth
about himself and an eon spanning war that has reached its end game. Jordan has
worked in a variety of industries, as a waiter, bartender, copywriter and more. He lives in
Washington state with his wife where he is currently daydreaming about the end of the world.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

Are you excited about the return of ‘The Skald’s Black Verse’? I can’t wait to learn more about this adventurous read!

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