November 4, 2018: Planning

Today ends ‘Daylight Savings’ time, or that period when it gets darker mich earlier. Aside from gaining that extra hour of sleep, there isn’t much that changes. As I get older, what my grandfather always shares with me about this day is true: people re-enter their daily routine, nothing changes.

For myself, I continue to stay busy, prepping for my class this week, gathering materials. Since this month’s curriculum focuses on Food, I can easily gather empty cartons and boxes from home. I’ve learned that you need to rely on yourself to gather resources for curriculum planning, so I’ve been pretty preoccupied the past week.

Along with curriculum planning, I’m gathering more ideas for my wedding. Pintrest has been very helpful in collecting useful visuals. Surprisingly, I found a useful idea in floral arrangements this week at work. My goal is to have sunflowers and lilacs as a main theme, and someone brought in flowers with this exact color scheme. I loved how my vision for florals (indirectly) came to life!