My Review of ‘Daisy Jones and The Six’ by Taylor Jenkins Reid

‘Daisy Jones and the Six’ by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Length: 368 pages

Publisher: Penguin Random House

Format I chose: Audiobook (through Audible)

‘Daisy Jones and the Six’ by Taylor Jenkins Reid chronicles the history of a legendary 70s band named The Six, paired with Daisy Jones, a powerful and charismatic female singer. An interviewer collects accounts from all members of the band, various members from band management, and close friends/ family. Each person describes the rock culture as it existed during the 1970s: a wild dose of sex, drugs and rock and roll.

‘Daisy Jones and the Six’ also centers around the human relationships within its band members dynamic, how personality conflicts and love can make a band both flourish and fall apart. Taylor Jenkins Reid has the ability to create a vibrant world painted within the very turbulent period of the 70s rock and drug culture. She writes their stories so vividly that you’re left longing to hear the works of both Daisy Jones and The Six, and locate any interviews on these iconic figures.

I picked up the audiobook version of the novel through Audible. Listening to the tale made me feel like I was hearing a classic rock documentary, listening to the rock adventures of these characters and loved ones. I was engaged with the story until the very end.

Rating: 5/5 Stars

March 9, 2019: End of Week Reading Blog

I’m currently reading two books at the moment. I never thought I would take on such a task, but I was willing to take up the challenge.

After reading ‘Six of Crows’, I searched my local library for a copy of ‘Crooked Kingdom’, but no luck. The book is only available in 2 library branches in Hunterdon County, and both copies were checked out. So yesterday I placed a request for the story. Hopefully it will be available for pickup next week.

In the meantime, I began reading my NetGalley ARC of ‘Is There Still Sex In the City’ by Candace Bushnell. This book shares the adventures of dating and relationships in New York City in your 40s and 50s. Bushnell and her friends are experiencing divorce and other major life changes, and the idea of venturing through Tinder and social media is new, anxiety-inducing terrain to walk through. I’m about 35% through the story. Since I used to live in NYC for a few years, I love reading about the neighborhoods Bushnell speaks about in her book.

As I began reading Bushnell’s book, I decided to pick up the audiobook version of ‘Daisy Jones and the Six’ by Taylor Jenkins Reid. I have an Audible subscription, and just purchased one book so far a few months back. I was very interested in buying a book with multiple characters, and ‘Daisy Jones and the Six’ seemed like a great fit.

This is a historical fiction novel, documenting the rise and fall of a notorious rock band with a beautiful lead singer. Listening to the book brings back memories of me watching ‘Behind the Music’ documentaries on VH1, listening to bands sharing the joys and sorrows of their time in music. I’m about to begin listening to the chapter when The Six begin touring for their second album.

I’m very excited about my current reads!


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