September 26, 2018: Last Night’s Dream

My mom appeared in my dream last night. She rarely makes an appearance in my dreams, so I pay close attention when she does. I remember feeling happy when I saw her. My mom was smiling, wearing her hair in a long, loose ponytail, and her face was made up lightly. She was also wearingContinue reading “September 26, 2018: Last Night’s Dream”

March 13, 2018: Long Week

As I get ready for a very long Tuesday, I try to be mindful of what I’ve accomplished so work life doesn’t get too stressful. At least more stressful than it already is, especially with a problematic left wrist: I completed all my room displays for the month. I most likely need to switch outContinue reading “March 13, 2018: Long Week”

March 2, 2018: Time for Myself

Yesterday I actually had time to change most of my classroom displays before my shift ended. It usually takes forever switching things out, especially managing five toddlers as I’m working on my room. I had the room all to myself when my shift ended also, instead of craziness with little ones staying in my room.Continue reading “March 2, 2018: Time for Myself”

February 28, 2018: Peace Within Chaos

Life has a way of telling you that it’s time to explore something new. My life experiences up until this point has shown me that I’m capable of producing valuable work, and I should not settle for a situation anything less. My current situation has clearly shown me this. I try to tell myself thatContinue reading “February 28, 2018: Peace Within Chaos”

February 3, 2018: Special Day

My birthday is here! I woke up not feeling any different, yet today is a special milestone. 40 is an age my friends and I always dreaded reaching…everything seemed to freeze once that number is hit. I’m in a feeling of mild disbelief, yet grateful of everything I been through in my life thus far.Continue reading “February 3, 2018: Special Day”

February 2, 2018: Dreams

Yesterday one of my good friends in the poetry therapy community posted ‘Harlem’ by Langston Hughes, in honor of his birthday. It’s one of my favorite poems, since its imagery inspired me to express myself poetically. ‘Harlem’ speaks of a community that’s vibrant, yet having their dreams deferred by constant struggles. I read ‘Harlem’ withContinue reading “February 2, 2018: Dreams”

January 4, 2018: Snow & Symbolism

Today brought a snow storm that worsened as the day wore on. Our center had a delayed opening, yet the issue of it being open at all today remained as the winds and snowfall gained strength. We were all relieved when the center closed early.  When I got home, I took an extended nap. PerhapsContinue reading “January 4, 2018: Snow & Symbolism”