Maddy McGuire CEO: Bring Back the Bees by Emma Bland Smith/A Review

Maddy McGuire, CEO: Bring Back the Bees Author: Emma Bland SmithLength: 112 pagesGenre: Children’s FictionPublisher: Calico/Magic WagonRelease Date: August 1, 2018 As part of a summer assignment, I began reading children’s books to remotely distribute to families in my school district. Being a lover of books, I found this to be an ideal opportunity toContinue reading “Maddy McGuire CEO: Bring Back the Bees by Emma Bland Smith/A Review”

Blogmas Day 12: Christmas Books I Read to My Class

     As a Toddler Lead Teacher, I enjoy reading stories to children each and every day. When Christmas rolls around, I love gathering stories related to the holiday season. Along with stories related to my curriculum, I mix it up with Christmas stories. What I have pictured is just a few of the storiesContinue reading “Blogmas Day 12: Christmas Books I Read to My Class”

September 25, 2018: Classroom Prep and Friendship

My naptime CDs from Amazon came in today! I’m very happy, since the ones I keep at work are skipping like crazy due to overuse. Andy is going to create a copy of the CDs so I can make another copy in case the disc stops working again. Today is my friend Iris’s birthday! IrisContinue reading “September 25, 2018: Classroom Prep and Friendship”