November 9, 2018: No Change

It’s interesting to see how Trump is ramping up his fascist agenda. Since the MidTerm Elections, he’s barred a reporter from doing his job at the White House, and replaced the Attorney General with someone who’s focused on tampering the Muller investigation. Our own press secretary is shamelessly showing off tampered video of Jim Acosta.Continue reading “November 9, 2018: No Change”

February 22, 2018: Cycle of Violence and Indifference

I watched the CNN town hall special centered on the Parkland school shooting last night. It was truly heartbreaking to hear students’ questions, especially those who lost friends right before their eyes. It was equally tragic to hear the words of the politicians who visited the meeting, as they were pledging to create laws onContinue reading “February 22, 2018: Cycle of Violence and Indifference”

January 20, 2018: Shutdown in America

A national government shutdown is something I thought I wouldn’t experience again. My home state of New Jersey recently had its own shutdown a few months ago, and that had its share of drama due to the former governor’s actions. This current shutdown has theatrics on a much grander scale, with children’s healthcare and theContinue reading “January 20, 2018: Shutdown in America”