November 27, 2018: Tuesday Thoughts

I realized before I went to bed that I forgot to call home to check on my grandfather. I meant to call him yesterday…I did my check in on the family on Saturday and Sunday, and both times he was away (he loves being out of the house the moment he’s feeling well), and I meant to check-in again today. Of course the events of Monday flows in…and before you know it, 10pm is here. So I’m setting that reminder for this afternoon, when my break comes.

I’m listening to a YouTube video right now, where the person straightened his hair recently also! He filmed this clip hours earlier, so he was sharing that he was living his ‘straight hair’ moment. I’m certainly living that now for the next couple days, since I know it’s over the moment I wash it out, and it’ll be weeks before I get it straightened again. Unless I dare to take heat to my hair again sooner than my appointment in January. I’ll see how I’m feeling in December.

November 26, 2018: Sunday in North Jersey

Yesterday was a rare trip up to northern New Jersey on a Sunday. I went to get my hair color done, and a trim. The hairdresser asked if I wanted it shorter…which I never do, but they need to ask anyway. I always love how the end result comes out. In these past few months, I’ve only been using heat on my hair whenever I go to the hairdresser. All the other times in between I let it dry naturally. I only get my hair done once every few weeks, so it’s fine. I love having the straight hair look once again, if only for a couple days.

After the appointment, Andy and I had lunch in Hawthorne, then drove around the area. During my youth, my family would go shopping in Hawthorne. It was fun to reflect on the places I used to go to, and what places were no longer there. Being up in North Jersey always accompanies a twinge of wistfulness. A part of me always wishes that I lived closer to the northern area. For now, I cherish these times that we travel to the north NJ area.

March 17, 2018: An Atypical St. Patrick’s Outing

Today Andy and I spent some time in North Jersey. I needed to get my hair done, and the salon I visit is a few minutes from my family’s house. It’s almost an hour to travel, but the woman I go to really listens every time I visit, so it’s worth it. After the salon Andy and I went to a Tex-Mex restaurant for dinner. Not your typical St Patrick’s Day venture, but it was still a relaxing place to go.

We also saw the movie Black Panther. We finally went to catch the film, and the theater was surprisingly packed. It was a very good movie, all the characters were strong and well written. I’m very much looking forward to Infinity War, since Black Panther (and other notable super heroes) will be in the film.

February 17, 2018: Both Sides

After spending a week managing my naturally wavy hair, I learned some valuable things about myself:

  • Viewing waves in my hair throughout the day was not as uncomfortable as I thought it would be!
  • Managing my wavy hair caused me to directly confront my perception of beauty.
  • My fiancé and friends have been truly supportive during this week.
  • I can alternate between two looks for my hair to have, week to week. So refreshing for me to say that!
  • When humidity takes over my hair in the summer, I now have the tools to handle it. 🙂


This week I’m wearing my hair straight. This didn’t come without some debate, since I really loved the waves I saw in the mirror before doing my ‘straight hair’ routine. It took me many years to truly love my natural hair, as much as I love wearing it straight. So I am returning to my waves in a few days. Probably sooner that that, since when my hair begins to take on waves in a couple days (as it always does when it’s straight), I’ll welcome it. Being yourself is a wonderful thing.

February 9, 2018: Morning Thoughts

So far the month has been pretty busy…at work I keep busy to maintain the monthly theme. I have a project underway that I hope comes out somewhat presentable. The work comes completely from the children, so I’m happy about that.

I really need to figure out how to style my wavy hair. I usually straighten my hair, but some days I get tired of putting in the work, and when it dries naturally such lovely curls emerge. Then the next day it turns into a wavy mess. So I need to find a solution for that. Until then, it’s keeping up with the flat iron.