Describing My Perfect Autumn Reading Nook/Blogtober Day 4

I envision my Autumn reading nook as a soothing, comfy place: There would be pillows and seats in black and white, with pumpkins throughout! There would be autumnal messages posted on the walls: Orange and white candles would be stationed around my reading space: Pumpkins would also be planted around the room: And of course,Continue reading “Describing My Perfect Autumn Reading Nook/Blogtober Day 4”

October 13, 2018: Saturday in Piscataway

It’s been a busy Saturday. This morning Andy and I attended the second half of our Pre-Cana requirement. It was extremely early to be awake, and on a Saturday, but it covered topics that centered around growing the fruits of a happy marriage. I’m very happy that we attended. We then went to Hallmark, toContinue reading “October 13, 2018: Saturday in Piscataway”