September 18, 2018: Tuesday Thoughts

This morning I handled another extreme sugar low. I meant to wake up early so I can head to work and decorate before my shift began. Things worked out differently though, and Andy was coming into my room at 6:30 offering me liquid glucose, due a low sensor reading. I didn’t even realize I slept through my alarm until it was quarter to 7, when the glucose fully kicked in. I’m grateful that Andy was there to help me come to my senses.

I keep receiving notices from Quest Diagnostics to pay for a bill that was settled a few months back. After some digging online I discovered that the bill was indeed paid off, and I owe a much lesser amount. So I printed out the forms needed tonight, before sending them off tomorrow. Hopefully it will be the last time I receive anything like that from them.

I received word from my relatives from North Carolina that they are safe from the effects of Hurricane Florence. This natural disaster has effected many lives and flooded many neighborhoods. The sight of rescuers attending to abandoned animals is such a heartwarming sight. It’s so unbelievable that anyone could leave pets locked in a home as floodwaters are rising.


September 15, 2018: Animals Surviving

Hurricane Florance is leaving its destructive mark throughout North and South Carolina. Entire neighborhoods are flooded, and many residents were forced to leave their pets behind, due to shelters unable to house their fur babies. New Jersey animal shelters are doing their part to board animals in dire need due to Hurricane Florance. St. Huberts of North Branch and Madison, NJ are housing animals from South Carolina so they can continue to have a chance at life. The hard workers at these animal shelters do whatever is necessary in order for these animals to live safely.

On television, scenes of wild animals charging through flood waters in search of safety is heartbreaking. Our four-legged are the most vulnerable during hazardous circumstances, and we can only pray that these creatures can make it through these storms safely.