October 27, 2018: Halloween Weekend Excursions

It’s the weekend before Halloween, but I’m not in the mood to go out anywhere, for once. As much as I enjoy this time of year, there are some things I need to attend to first. So it’s a night of watching the World Series. There’s always Halloween weekend 2019 to look forward to!

There are fun photos on my Timehop app looking back on past Halloween weekend excursions. The 2012 memories were exciting to look back on. That was the year when I shared an apartment in Manhattan, and I went downtown to party with good friends. I came home after 3am that night. It was very memorable.

That was also the weekend before Sandy hit the area. The weeks that followed carries its own special memories.

September 23, 2018: Relaxing Sunday

Today was a day spent in relaxation. Aside from the daily errands, I didn’t push myself to do anything, and I was perfectly okay with that. I enjoyed looking at the photos I took of last night’s show that Andy and I attended in New York City.

It was awesome checking out Imperative Reaction again. I was happy to see them with Andy this time around. Last time they came to the NYC area was six years ago, at the Grammercy Theater. It was around Halloween, and I had a fun time wearing my costume and hanging out with friends. Andy and I weren’t dating at the time, yet we were talking about the upcoming show often. He was supposed to come see Imperative Reaction, but something happened on his end that fell through. So we were both excited to see them again, and see them together. Along with Imperative Reaction, NOIR also performed, and they were also really amazing. They kept both of us moving and singing throughout the night.

This evening, as I was putting laundry away, I glanced out my bedroom window and viewed a beautiful scarlet sunset. I felt like it was a lovely way to end the first weekend of Autumn. I’m very much looking forward to what Autumn 2018 brings.

September 19, 2018: Wednesday Words

  • I learned today that people can be very misleading with their words. I always had that feeling, but something that occurred in the afternoon really drove it home for me.
  • In a couple days Andy and I will have an enjoyable Saturday. There’s a festival in the morning, and a show in the evening. It will be great if I can find something to wear for the show. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  • My left hand is feeling better with each passing day. I feel an occasional sting, but I can walk around most of the day without my brace. I keep it on during important times at work. Quite a difference from a couple months ago, when I needed it all day!

August 6, 2018: Decode Tour in Boston

While Andy and I were in Boston on Saturday evening, we went to check out the Decode Tour, featuring Cyanotic, Rabbit Junk, and Kanga. We both wanted to check out the bands for quite some time, and Andy wanted to catch Rabbit Junk when they played in the east coast.

It took forever for us to find parking, and we wound up missing the first two bands that were featured (I don’t list them here. I’m sure they were good!). Despite the crazy parking, it turned to be a very good show. Women were featured in the three acts we caught, which was a great thing.

The one thing that was a negative (nothing about the show) was a fellow audience member who tried to get a little too friendly. It didn’t matter to him that I was with someone, he still tried to intrude. He eventually wandered off somewhere else. It takes some people forever to take the hint.

Andy and I had a fun time at the show, and hopefully we can catch another one fairly soon. It was a nice break away from the usual routine. It was also a nice journey to see the show: since we’re from central New Jersey, it took about 5 hours to get there. It was worth it.

August 5, 2018: Weekend in Boston

Our weekend Boston excursion was memorable. We saw the Glitch Mode Tour last night at Brighton Music Hall. Cyanotic, Rabbit Junk, and Kanga performed. Two other acts performed, but we missed them due to our looong search for parking. It was an awesome show regardless.

Today we got to visit Brookline Booksmith. I always wanted to visit this bookstore ever since I became aware of them during my first Boston visit back in 2006. We got to spend some time in the shop this afternoon. It was time well spent.

We stayed in the Boston area for exactly 24 hours, but it was such an amazing time. I feel like we got to experience just enough of what we wanted, given the time we had. We did see more in the area, but I’ll write more about our trip in another post. It was certainly a weekend Andy and I both enjoyed, and we can’t wait to return.

April 12, 2018: Upcoming Weekend

I’m very much looking forward to the weekend, since this week has been hectic on many levels. The positive moment of the week was my orthopedist appointment yesterday, and the outcome.

On Saturday I’ll be seeing Front 242 and Covenant in Philadelphia with Andy. They are two industrial music groups who’ve been around for a long time. They are both great to see live, so it will be a fun event. Hopefully we’ll also see a couple good friends we know in the area.

Sunday will be the Walking Dead finale. Honestly I’m not too thrilled about how this season has played out. I’ve always been on the fence about the show (I enjoy the comic more), but I’m still gave the show the chance. However, a mid-season surprise has turned me off even further about the show. I’ll still watch the finale on Sunday, but I’m not greatly excited over it.