September 19, 2018: Wednesday Words

I learned today that people can be very misleading with their words. I always had that feeling, but something that occurred in the afternoon really drove it home for me. In a couple days Andy and I will have an enjoyable Saturday. There’s a festival in the morning, and a show in the evening. ItContinue reading “September 19, 2018: Wednesday Words”

June 4, 2018: One More Session

This is the last week of OT sessions. I was told that I could request more sessions, but there would be a lapse in therapy, due to wait time. I feel like my left hand has felt better than it was from when I began therapy. I’m a little nervous about therapy ended, but IContinue reading “June 4, 2018: One More Session”

May 30, 2018: Wednesday Thoughts

Today began crazy for me, and ended with a moment to rejuvenate myself. My OT session was a positive one. I received more Kinesio tape for my left hand, and got to take some time to rest. I got to replace my Freestyle Libre sensor today. I also got to read a positive article inContinue reading “May 30, 2018: Wednesday Thoughts”

May 22, 2018

Since my left ankle is recovering from a sprain, I spent today at home. I’ve been icing and heating the area around my ankle since Thursday, but it still felt uncomfortable moving around. My doctor visit earlier today went well: my ankle is recovering the way it should be. She also monitored my glucose levelsContinue reading “May 22, 2018”

May 16, 2018: Progress in OT

Just completed my 3rd week in Occupational Therapy for my left hand/wrist. On Monday the OT applied Kinesio Tape around my left wrist, and along the area where the pain exists. Since I began therapy a few weeks ago, there’s been progress, as I can complete certain tasks at work without using my brace, suchContinue reading “May 16, 2018: Progress in OT”

May 14, 2018: Therapy and Diabetes Life

Week 3 of Occupational Therapy. So far I think it’s gone well; doing the hand exercises regularly, and taking part in activities that strengthen my wrist near the thumb. Today my OT wrapped my wrist in Kinesio Tape. It looks interesting, fits well to the skin. Hopefully it will stay on my arm and wristContinue reading “May 14, 2018: Therapy and Diabetes Life”

April 26, 2018: Diligence

It’s been a couple days since I had my first OT session. I’ve been diligently doing my exercises, and I’m hopeful that it will all work out favorably in a couple weeks. For the next two weeks I go twice after work, so hopefully my hand will improve dramatically next month. The only part thatContinue reading “April 26, 2018: Diligence”

April 11, 2018: New Appointment

I had the appointment with my new orthopedist today. This doctor’s location is a few minutes from me. Unlike the other office in Somerset County, which took a while to venture to. My visit went well: after x-rays, and informing the doctor of my situation, I received a referral for OT. I explained that surgeryContinue reading “April 11, 2018: New Appointment”

April 4, 2018: Seeking Solutions

Today has me feeling a bit under the weather, so I stayed home to get some much needed rest, and care for my wrist. I called the orthopedist to inquire about any physical therapy options available, but someone will get back to me tomorrow, due to the doctors and medical assistant being unavailable. I wantContinue reading “April 4, 2018: Seeking Solutions”

April 3, 2018: Stressful

It’s been 2 weeks since I got the cortisone shot in my wrist to treat my tendinitis. The pain subsided for a few days, yet over the weekend it began to return. After a long workday of physical labor, my hand is back to feeling as uncomfortable as it did before I got the injection.Continue reading “April 3, 2018: Stressful”