September 19, 2018: Wednesday Words

  • I learned today that people can be very misleading with their words. I always had that feeling, but something that occurred in the afternoon really drove it home for me.
  • In a couple days Andy and I will have an enjoyable Saturday. There’s a festival in the morning, and a show in the evening. It will be great if I can find something to wear for the show. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  • My left hand is feeling better with each passing day. I feel an occasional sting, but I can walk around most of the day without my brace. I keep it on during important times at work. Quite a difference from a couple months ago, when I needed it all day!

June 4, 2018: One More Session

This is the last week of OT sessions. I was told that I could request more sessions, but there would be a lapse in therapy, due to wait time. I feel like my left hand has felt better than it was from when I began therapy. I’m a little nervous about therapy ended, but I can’t wait for my hand to get better. I really can’t wait to crochet again. My OT explained that my hand would still take a couple months to heal completely, and that I need to protect it. I would love so much for my left hand to finally feel better, so I can crochet again. I haven’t touched a crochet hook in almost 3 months. It will feel so blissful to create with yarn again.


May 22, 2018

Since my left ankle is recovering from a sprain, I spent today at home. I’ve been icing and heating the area around my ankle since Thursday, but it still felt uncomfortable moving around. My doctor visit earlier today went well: my ankle is recovering the way it should be. She also monitored my glucose levels and made sure I needed to take care of what I needed for my insulin. I’ll still put ice and heat on my foot shortly. The recovery takes time, and I don’t want to make a move to jeopardize it.

My left side has surely taken a beating this past year! My left hand is taped up due to the tendinitis, and I’m wearing an air cast on my left leg in order for the ankle to heal. As disheartening as it is to view my ‘flawed’ left side, I know that the additions to my body are only temporary. I very much look forward to walking freely, without the air cast. And be very cautious about my next time when it falls asleep!

I did capture a moment of beauty today: when I came home from the doctor, it was pouring. As I got out of the car, I noticed one of the many pine trees at the house carrying many baby cones. I just had to take a picture: the beauty of raindrops surrounding many baby pine cones sprouting from a branch. So precious to capture small moments in life.

May 16, 2018: Progress in OT

Just completed my 3rd week in Occupational Therapy for my left hand/wrist. On Monday the OT applied Kinesio Tape around my left wrist, and along the area where the pain exists. Since I began therapy a few weeks ago, there’s been progress, as I can complete certain tasks at work without using my brace, such as serving meals to the children. I still keep my brace on for most of the day at work, especially when I’m picking up the children. I’m considering this a positive sign that I can leave my brace off for certain portions of my work day. The Kinesio Tape is still on my wrist, since my OT said I can remove it on Friday. Unless it begins to fall off.

I really hope my left wrist heals completely, since I really miss crocheting. The last time I crocheted was back in early March. At the time the discomfort in my wrist was returning after fading for a few months. During this period in March, my job had 2 snow days in a row, so I wanted to finish my pillow for my Cozy Corner. I just finished my 1st pillow, and was working on a 2nd one, when I felt soreness in my left wrist. By the end of the day my wrist was in pain. I haven’t picked up a hook since then. I moved my crochet bag to the basement, since I didn’t want to feel sad looking at it all the time, knowing that I needed to steer clear from crocheting for the time being.

The first thing I’ll crochet, when it’s healed? Autumn animals. I know, summer hasn’t arrived yet and I’m thinking of Fall! It’s good to think ahead of seasonal themed projects, though I just hope my left wrist will withstand the activity again. Only time will tell.

May 14, 2018: Therapy and Diabetes Life

  • Week 3 of Occupational Therapy. So far I think it’s gone well; doing the hand exercises regularly, and taking part in activities that strengthen my wrist near the thumb. Today my OT wrapped my wrist in Kinesio Tape. It looks interesting, fits well to the skin. Hopefully it will stay on my arm and wrist until Wednesday.
  • My grandfather came home from the hospital over the weekend. He’s still having trouble breathing, yet the swelling went down on his feet, so that’s positive news. I’m hopeful that he maintains his health down a good path.
  • I’m glad that I ended Basaglar. I never had a good feeling about being on that insulin. I’ve been taking an extra Lantus pen while waiting to begin Levemir. I miss being on Lantus nightly, but I’m curious to see what Levemir will do for my health.

April 26, 2018: Diligence

It’s been a couple days since I had my first OT session. I’ve been diligently doing my exercises, and I’m hopeful that it will all work out favorably in a couple weeks. For the next two weeks I go twice after work, so hopefully my hand will improve dramatically next month. The only part that will be rough will be getting home late, then it sets back the regular walking activity I have coming home. But it will all work out. I can’t wait to crochet again…I really miss working with yarn, and this tendinitis prevents me from doing so.

April 11, 2018: New Appointment

I had the appointment with my new orthopedist today. This doctor’s location is a few minutes from me. Unlike the other office in Somerset County, which took a while to venture to. My visit went well: after x-rays, and informing the doctor of my situation, I received a referral for OT. I explained that surgery was the last thing I wanted to pursue, and he agreed with me. It was welcoming to hear, considering that the previous doctor wanted to take on surgery right away.

Would I need surgery in the future? Possibly. I’ve had this issue with my wrist for almost a year, and I’ve never experienced this problem before. But I need to try every option available before surgery is absolutely necessary. I’m thankful that this new doctor seems to be attentive to my concerns, right away. I just hope I can finally alleviate the pain.


April 4, 2018: Seeking Solutions

Today has me feeling a bit under the weather, so I stayed home to get some much needed rest, and care for my wrist. I called the orthopedist to inquire about any physical therapy options available, but someone will get back to me tomorrow, due to the doctors and medical assistant being unavailable. I want the discomfort to end, but I also want to avoid surgery.

While having this time to heal and regroup is very necessary, I also need to have things ready in my classroom this week. There is always so much to do while caring for the little ones.

April 3, 2018: Stressful

It’s been 2 weeks since I got the cortisone shot in my wrist to treat my tendinitis. The pain subsided for a few days, yet over the weekend it began to return. After a long workday of physical labor, my hand is back to feeling as uncomfortable as it did before I got the injection. So it appears that I need to seriously consider wrist surgery. And the thought of having surgery done is scary. I mean, I know that I need relief from pain, but I don’t know how long I’ll be without my left hand. There’s just so much uncertainty. I only know that I need my hand to feel better.