Wednesday Thoughts

This month has brought a lot of inactivity on the reading/writing front. Most of it has been due to health issues, and feeling stressed out from said problems. Planning a wedding has also brought its share of uncertainty, due to a dear family member (who is in the bridal party) neglecting her responsibility. Since I grew up with her, I should have expected that. Still annoying though!

I hope to become more attentive on what I truly need in my life in the coming weeks. Things with my health have begun taking a positive turn, and I hope to see other good changes soon. And I’m looking to get back into reading this week. Small steps.

September 14, 2018: Fortune

Today Andy and I went on a small shopping excursion after dinner. I needed a new pair of pants, so I visited Uniqlo to see their selections. I managed to find a nice pair of purple leggings in my size! I felt relieved, since I keep going between sizes these past few months.

It was a nice distraction from the stresses in my life. These past few months have been very challenging, but I can only keep the faith, and hope that my fortune at work will change for the better. I just need to move forward in my path with determination.

April 17, 2018: Relationships in Life

As I think about where my life has brought me thus far, I’m very aware how short and valuable life is. Each person we meet adds another thread to our personal story. They add another piece to our unique tale, regardless of whether the experience is good or bad.

I’ve had some joyful moments and serious conflicts with friends and family, but each experience has left me with a valuable lesson. Some people are great to keep contact with day to day. Some people you wish you spoke to on a regular basis, yet schedules always have other plans. Other people are best to keep in touch sparingly. Each person leaves a profound effect on life.