September 3, 2018: Labor Day Heartbreak

Today brought heartbreaking news locally and around the world. In Brazil, a devastating fire destroyed the National Museum. Countless artifacts documenting Brazil’s history, as well as other countries’ precious gifts, are now in ruins. I didn’t want to believe it when I first came across the story this morning online, but when I turned onContinue reading “September 3, 2018: Labor Day Heartbreak”

September 2, 2018: Ana Growing Up

In a couple days, my niece Ana begins Preschool. It’s unbelievable how quickly this stage of her life is arriving! It feels like yesterday that she was a newborn, and I held her tiny body in my arms. The beginning of her life wasn’t an easy one, but she was born into a family filledContinue reading “September 2, 2018: Ana Growing Up”

Evening Thoughts: September 4

Labor Day Weekend 2017 was good overall. Spent the 1st two days with friends and family, and Labor Day with just Andy. Really fun day outdoors. I’m always amazed at how stunning Pennsylvania looks. Since moving to Hunterdon County NJ last year, I’ve seen many scenic parts of PA, and enjoyed them all. So thrilledContinue reading “Evening Thoughts: September 4”