February 23, 2019: A Blade So Black by L.L. McKinney/A Review

I felt so enthralled by ‘A Blade So Black’. This is a modern retelling of ‘Alice in Wonderland’, set in Atlanta, Georgia. Alice is a young, African-American woman, balancing the stress of high school and an over-protective mother while fighting the Nightmares plaguing the magical world of Wonderland. In this version of the Lewis Caroll classic, Alice is recruited into fighting dark creatures shortly after the death of her father. ‘A Blade So Black’ follows Alice’s path as she learns to understand her abilities, her enchanting mentors broadening her mind on the history of Wonderland and its magical history. A threatening entity enters Alice’s life along the way, causing her to make some choices that alters the lives of her mentors (and her modern world friends) dramatically.

I enjoyed reading this version of Alice. It’s so refreshing seeing a Woman of Color portrayed as a hero, being supported by other figures of power. I also enjoyed reading the modern twists of classic characters like the Mad Hatter and the White Queen. There are brief mentions of the figures that shaped the classic story of Alice in Wonderland, adding on to the plot of this current tale. This story kept me interested down to final page.

‘A Blade So Black’ is a truly enjoyable book. I can’t wait for L.L. McKinney’s second book, ‘A Dream So Dark’ to come out in September!

(5/5 Stars)