My Mother, Always a Guardian Angel

This post is a Six Word Saturday contribution. Please check out Debbie’s source post here. Today Andy and I are visiting my mom’s resting place in Clifton. Tomorrow would have been Mom’s 67th birthday. Since tomorrow’s weather calls for a messy, wintry mix, the hour commute to Clifton would be unsafe to travel. My mother isContinue reading “My Mother, Always a Guardian Angel”

December 22, 2018: Change

Life moves in such a fast pace, it’s easy to lose touch with people you were once in close contact with. The reasons could vary: crazy schedules, moving far from one another, or simply not maintaining connections as frequently. Then suddenly, they’re no longer in your life. Today I just discovered that a good friendContinue reading “December 22, 2018: Change”

August 16, 2018: Remembering Aretha Franklin

Back in 2005 I was listening to Aretha Franklin while sitting in a Starbucks in NYC, in the Grammercy Park neighborhood. As I looked out the window, watching the busy city life go about their business, I thought, ‘One day I’m going to live here. I’m going to make it’. Two years later, that dreamContinue reading “August 16, 2018: Remembering Aretha Franklin”

August 11, 2018: Too Quickly

The meeting at the Bronx fell through. I had a feeling it was never coming to pass when I heard no response from Johanna’s former house mate (the person who still has her things). The issue of who cares for a loved one’s possessions is a touchy subject, especially if the person has passed away,Continue reading “August 11, 2018: Too Quickly”

August 10, 2018: Different Connections

After work I need to contact Johanna’s good friend. We’re supposed to collect Johanna’s things in New York tomorrow, but I don’t know when we need to meet up, and the friend who lives at the apartment isn’t getting back to me. If I don’t hear from anyone I’m going to assume that I’m notContinue reading “August 10, 2018: Different Connections”

July 31, 2018: Still Lingering

It’s been a couple days since ACTIONWEEK (the annual poetry therapy intensive) ended, yet I’m still feeling its impact very strongly. I go about my day, handle work tasks, yet the emotions that swirled around me that weekend still lingers. This year, it’s Johanna’s absence that makes things particularly difficult. Johanna made it a pointContinue reading “July 31, 2018: Still Lingering”

June 30, 2018: My Year So Far

When I had the idea of posting daily journal entries at the beginning of 2018, I wasn’t sure that I would make it halfway through the year. I enjoy writing, but I tend to ‘flake out’ of writing after the first few weeks. Yet, here I am, happy to say that I indeed posted entriesContinue reading “June 30, 2018: My Year So Far”

June 9, 2018: Gathering of Friends

Today my fiancé and I went to Queens to gather with Johanna’s brother and special friends in her life. It was the first time that I met most the friends in Johanna’s college and high school life. It was a very relaxed environment, a group of us gathering together to share stories of Johanna’s resilienceContinue reading “June 9, 2018: Gathering of Friends”

May 31, 2018: A Month Away

Johanna’s memorial is a month away. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that she’s no longer with us. In the days following her death, I observe the beauty of the outdoors, or read different poems, and feel sad that Johanna can no longer appreciate these small things. The photos of Johanna’s lifeContinue reading “May 31, 2018: A Month Away”