December 19, 2018: Twelve Days Left/NY Mets Changes

It’s amazing that 2018 is coming to a close soon! The year has flown by quickly. I began the year in a period of uncertainty, and it’s ending with a (somewhat) clear goal. I’m definitely going to reflect on this further. I’m not going to write about my year just yet…there are 12 days left in 2018, and a lot can happen!

I’ve been hearing about a lot of changes in the NY Mets these past couple weeks. It certainly sounds like a different team will materialize, with all the changes to the roster taking place. There’s also the mystery with Wilmer Flores and where he will turn up. Hopefully he will stay with the team in the minor leagues. Spring training seems so far away!

September 20, 2018: One More Week

The baseball season is nearing an end. Just over a week left! I can’t believe the season passed by us so soon. The Mets began so promising, yet fell in a predicament that’s too familiar is recent years. I feel a bit down that we didn’t get to attend a Mets game this year. Hopefully we’ll have a chance to see one on 2019. At least I finally have a David Wright shirt in my collection now. Thank you Andy 🙂

September 13, 2018: Wedding/Work Planning, and David Wright News

  • Andy and I had our second meeting with the deacon today. I was glad that we finally had time to meet with him, especially since the last time we tried, Andy wasn’t feeling well.
  • When we got home, I listened to the news of David Wright most likely retiring after he plays with the Mets during their last homestand. It’s been heading to this path, yet it’s still saddening all the same. I wish Wright all the best as he focuses completely on his health.
  • After working tirelessly on my classroom for the past week, I can finally have a moment to rest. I still need to plan tomorrow’s lesson, but I can do what I need to do at work tomorrow.