September 25, 2018: Classroom Prep and Friendship

My naptime CDs from Amazon came in today! I’m very happy, since the ones I keep at work are skipping like crazy due to overuse. Andy is going to create a copy of the CDs so I can make another copy in case the disc stops working again.

Today is my friend Iris’s birthday! Iris is a very good friend from college. We maintained our friendship after graduation, and we discovered that we went through similar hardships and joys during our life journeys, close to the same period. We haven’t been able to make contact in recent weeks due to life’s complications (and scheduling). I sent a warm birthday message to her though. At least, I think of it as a warm message…it’s tough to interpret feelings on a text message, but I’m always hopeful that Iris has a wonderful birthday.

Now it’s on to laminate things for my classroom before reading my book. Now that a new theme is coming up, I need to prepare the display messages and theme wall. It’s always the first week of a new theme that’s stressful, due to the preparation.

July 8, 2018: Traveling to Princeton

Andy and I went on a nice drive to Princeton this afternoon. What started as a ride around local farm roads turned into an adventure down unknown roadways. A half hour later we saw a sign saying ‘Welcome to Princeton’! We were both pleasantly surprised. So we spent a couple hours in the downtown area. We visited Princeton Record Exchamge and Labyrinth Books. It was a fun visit around town.

I also began sharing the news about our wedding date to close friends. It’s a slow process, since the only other people that know are our immediate family members. Tomorrow we need to contact the deacon to arrange an appointment to meet, so we can complete more paperwork. I hope we can meet without little conflict with work hours.

April 8, 2018: Weekend Thoughts

Some thoughts before I ready myself for the week:

  • Andy and I spent some time with good friends last night: We had dinner with a good friend in Jersey City, as part of her birthday weekend. Due to our conflicting schedules, we rarely spend time together these days, so it was fun to spend a couple hours with her. Things are beginning to look up for her: she found a good, stable job with benefits, and she gets to travel around to different locations once her training is complete. I’m very proud of her.
  • We also spent time with another good friend from college. We caught up on what’s been happening with our lives, and laughing at the music being played in the area. Most of the time they have great music, yet the selection varies one weekend a month. It was enjoyable hanging out with our friend nonetheless.
  • During my down time this weekend, I’m doing my best to rest my left wrist. I’ve been icing my wrist/hand every chance I get. My new orthopedic appointment is on Wednesday, and I’m hopeful that this new doctor listens to my concerns, while covering with me every option possible to keep my wrists healthy.