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August 12, 2018: Sloatsburg

Today Andy and I spent the day at Sloatsburg, NY. Every year the area holds a pilgrimage for the Catholic community. Although it’s centered on Ukrainian Catholics, anyone from a Catholic background can attend. Cardinal Timothy Dolan from NYC was in attendance, which was very nice to see. I always think of him as a very pleasant individual.

As we were sitting with the crowd during the liturgy, I was thinking how it’s wonderful to take part in an event where everyone is counted. It also made me feel happy that my fiance invited me whenever we can make it. Along with it being a spiritual experience, the area is very scenic and peaceful. I’m unsure if we’re able to make it next year (not sure if it falls during our wedding), but I look forward to be in the area again in the future.

August 2, 2018: Busy Month

This month is going to be pretty busy. I don’t really mind that, since my days usually consist of working and being at home. Weekends will have Andy and I going to different locations. Nothing extremely far, but it will be nice to have time away from Hunterdon County.

I’m hoping to have some time with my family this month. The only time that I can really see family is towards the end of the month. My niece’s 4th birthday falls around that time also. Hopefully it will work out, since I always make it a point to see my family monthly.