September 1, 2018: Summer Ending, and Dress Shopping

It’s amazing that summer is flying by so quickly! Only a couple weeks before Autumn is upon us. When I was a teacher in the public/private schools (with summers off), I enjoyed Labor Day trips to Wildwood with Andy. It was so lovely to enjoy the last days off before the year began. Now that I’m working year round, the days become one in the same, so it’s quite a surprise that September is here. We will enjoy that Wildwood time off soon enough.

So far I began September on the right foot. I went shopping for my wedding dress this afternoon. When my appointment was over, I found the dress I needed! I had a very good friend accompany me for advice and support. Having that extra person was very helpful to decide what would be more flattering, and what wouldn’t work out. I now need to worry about shoes with heels. I haven’t worn heels in years, but the occasion calls for it. 🙂


July 24, 2018: Photographers

Andy and I found a wedding photographer. I wasn’t sure if we would be able to find someone close to our area, whose payment plan was reasonable. But yesterday we discovered Cherryville Photography, a studio a few miles away from where we live. After a brief phone conversation over the weekend, we met up with them after my work shift ended. They seemed very pleasant, and their payment plans were something we can deal with. Now that that’s squared away, I can now focus on more details, like the dress. I’m a little nervous about that…the prices go all over the place, and my dress size keeps changing every year. It will be great to see the selections though!

Today has been not too wild (so far), and I actually took my group outside in the playground. The fact that it wasn’t raining was a miracle.

July 12, 2018: Planning Process

During today’s work break, I looked through some information about wedding photographers. It’s important that I locate someone that not too pricey. So far most of the sites I’ve come across are at the 3K range, and a couple don’t even list the price. I usually take this as a sign that the service is too expensive, but I’m a curious person, and we do need to seek out someone soon.

Out of all the family members that I’ve shared the wedding date with, I’ve yet to hear from a close cousin. Her brother who lives in Florida responded right away, yet she takes her time to respond. Since I’m contemplating using her for the wedding party, this may be the sign I need that I should look into someone else. Considering that all of my close friends and contacts are spread out, it’s going to be quite a task.

July 11, 2018: Planning and Sharing

This week has certainly been a busy one. Along with handling with the stress of teaching toddlers, I’m also at the beginning stages of wedding planning. I’m compiling figures for the necessary wedding vendors, and even low-end costs are very expensive. Seeing all the figures are making me so nervous. Andy is reassuring me, saying that it will be all worth it. I’m just hoping for the very best.

At least I finally told my best friend the news! I usually wait for Carmen to call me from Puerto Rico, since it’s extremely hard to get in touch with her. She called me while I was looking up wedding photographers. Carmen was excited, and said that when she arrives, she won’t tell anyone. It will be very exciting to see Carmen, since it’s been over a decade since I’ve last hung out with her.

July 1, 2018: Planning Through Humidity

It was an immensely hot day, yet Andy and I made the most of our time. After church and brunch we went to visit a reception venue in Annandale. It was a very lovely space. The venue was part of a golf course. I normally don’t picture myself getting married at such a location, but the person who contacted me was very pleasant, and was willing to meet with us on short notice. The space turned out to be very helpful with what we need, and although I’m not using the space for the actual ceremony, I was told that I could use the bridal suite to prepare myself for the wedding, then head to the church, then return for the reception. It’s something for me to think about. There’s one more space we’re checking out, but I would love to make a decision about a venue very soon.

When we came home, I sat outside for a little while. It still felt humid, but not as oppressive as it did a few hours earlier. It felt so nice to just sit and relax, and hear the music of the birds. It was a sense of peace that I really needed.

June 30, 2018: My Year So Far

When I had the idea of posting daily journal entries at the beginning of 2018, I wasn’t sure that I would make it halfway through the year. I enjoy writing, but I tend to ‘flake out’ of writing after the first few weeks. Yet, here I am, happy to say that I indeed posted entries every day since Jan 1st.

It’s been a pretty eventful first half of the year. My health needed great care, as my hand tendinitis needed to be addressed. I was afraid that I needed surgery, but thanks to an attentive orthopedist, I received 2 months of OT. It certainly helped my hand feel a little better, yet I still feel discomfort when I apply extreme pressure on my hand. Would surgery be the eventual option? It’s possible. For now, I keep my hand brace on at work all day, and I do my hand exercises once a day. And no knitting/crocheting for the time being. It’s a downer to sacrifice one of my hobbies for a while, but I tell myself it will be worth it when the pain in my left hand finally disappears.

The first half of 2018 also brought sadness, as I lost my close friend Johanna. She lost a very tough battle with breast cancer. Johanna was a true fighter until the very end, willing to apply every medical option available to her, until she was certain that there was nothing left to do. When I last spoke to her in early May, Johanna was coming to terms with the severity of her illness. As much as we didn’t want to accept it, she was approaching ‘the end’. Despite this harrowing truth, Johanna remained the compassionate, fun loving self that she always was. Johanna’s memorial was this afternoon, and while it was very somber, I will always remember her fighting spirit, and how she would’ve wanted me to fight for my goals and dreams.

2018 thus far has also brought happiness, since Andy and I have finally begun planning for our wedding. Losing Johanna caused me to think deeply about my plans in life. It can change for us at any time. A week after Johanna’s death, Andy and I began the process of contacting the church where we will get married. As happy as we are about this decision, it’s also brought some unexpected stress, and due to a last minute change we’re searching for a reception venue that’s affordable for our budget. Aside from this, we can’t wait to have the date set in stone.

So far 2018 has brought its share of experiences and life lessons, and the events will continue to unfold in the weeks ahead. No matter what comes my way I must stay focused on my dreams, and pursue the things I truly enjoy.