Blogmas Day 5: My ‘Peanuts’ Christmas Decorations

     One of the most favorite parts of Christmas is the act of decorating my space. When I was a little girl, I enjoyed watching my grandfather setting up the Christmas lights in the living room. It always took a couple hours for him to arrange the lights, but it always looked like a work of art when it was complete. While I currently don’t live in a home with tons of Christmas lights, I love bringing out my Christmas decorations for my room every year. 

     Since I enjoy everything Peanuts and Snoopy-related, the following items all feature the characters in their Christmas element.

Andy and I found this little Snoopy over in CVS! We love how he changes in different colors! 

This string of lights appear like a rainbow across my window! Each snowflake features Snoopy in his holiday element. This string of lights also plays music!
These three adorable figures display a lovely Christmas feature. I keep all of them near my mirror!
Snoopy the Snowbeagle, with his buddy Woodstock 🙂

Charlie Brown with his beloved Christmas tree!
Sally with her list, and special gift!
This Snoopy came from Macy’s on 2015. Belle was included!
I received Christmas Snoopy and Charlie Brown at Hallmark. They came with a storybook, telling the tale of Snoopy saving Christmas!
Winter/Holiday Snoopy and Woodstock also came from Hallmark last year. I enjoy bringing them out around this time of year!

     I also have window decals picturing Snoopy and Woodstock by the Christmas tree, but I will take photos of them later in the week, when the room lighting isn’t reflecting too much! 

October 30, 2018: New Reads and Special Shows

Now that I began a new book, I’m searching online for a book community in the area. It’s surprising how there’s not that many groups here in Hunterdon County! I discovered one group that I may express interest in.

I began the story ‘After thr Quake’ by Haruki Murakami. It’s a short story compilation, the content centered on the Great Hanshin earthquake in the mid-90s. I’m only a few pages in for the first story.

Tonight is the night before Halloween. I need to watch ‘It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown’ before Halloween is over! ‘Life and Death of a Pumpkin’ on Youtube is also entertaining!

October 16, 2018: Snoopy in the Halloween Spirit

I enjoy taking photos of my Itty Bitty Peanuts collection. They hold a special place in my heart. Ever since I was a little girl I enjoyed everything about Peanuts. I owned many books on the series, and watched every show about the Peanuts characters whenever they came on television.

When Hallmark came out with their Itty Bitty Snoopy collection three years ago, I purchased one right away. Having a little Snoopy with me wherever I went was exciting. I began carrying little Snoopy everywhere, taking pictures of his adventures.

Over time other mini Snoopys came out in Hallmark, and I added to my collection. Now, every season has a Snoopy for me to bring out, along with the original Snoopy I brought home with me 3 years ago.

The picture shown is Snoopy in different Halloween forms, along with the other characters dressed in Halloween costumes. It’s a great shot of the Halloween Peanuts characters, as it shows the spirit of Autumn.