Weekend Book Haul

Yesterday my fiance and I went to Doylestown, PA. I wanted to seek out some special gifts for my bridal party, but Andy and I also wanted to check out the Doylestown Bookshop. It’s one of my favorite places to frequent whenever we’re in the area.

I saw many wonderful titles in the bookstore, and I left with four books! Two stories were fiction (one thriller, one romance), and the other two were ‘Peanuts’ themed.

The Philosophy of Snoopy and The Wisdom of Woodstock by Charles M. Schulz were just calling to me when I entered the shop! I love everything Snoopy/Peanuts Gang related, so I made sure to take these with me right away!

When I came across Flower Net by Lisa See, I was immediately intrigued. This story is one of Lisa See’s earlier works, a suspenseful tale that skillfully intertwines Chinese and American history.

I wanted to pick up Christmas by Accident by Camron Wright when I was in Doylestown back in December, so I was happy to see it again yesterday! It’s a feel-good story that involves two people with different perspectives about the holiday season. I can’t wait to dive in!

Blogmas Day 18: Last Saturday in Doylestown

This past Saturday Andy and I visited Doylestown, Pennsylvania. We try to head up to Doylestown every few months. They have a pretty cool independent bookstore with a great children’s section, Doylestown Bookstore. I enjoy visiting the shop for some interesting titles. I also love browsing the adult book selections.

Charlie Brown loves the Winter stories!

When I entered the bookstore, I went straight to the children’s section to view their holiday choices. They had many books celebrating both Christmas and Hanukkah. I enjoyed reading the selections that they had at the moment. I even had Christmas Snoopy with me to take some photos with these amazing books.

After visiting the bookstore, Andy and I walked around the area to see the holiday decorations. We walked through a small market with lovely Christmas trees. It was a very lovely afternoon!

September 27, 2018: Thursday Thoughts

I picked up my wedding dress today. Since there’s still some time before my wedding, I need to store it at home for a while before taking it to get altered. I didn’t expect to have so much time to wait before alterations. Really glad that the dress search is done with though.

Tomorrow after work Andy and I are going to spend time with good friends ftom Pennsylvania. There’s a birthday celebration taking place, and it will be so much fun to gather and catch up.

February 19, 2018: Memories from Sunday

Yesterday turned out to be a wonderful outing in Milford, PA. Me and Andy went out for lunch at the Dimmick Inn. It was a warm and welcoming place, and the staff was very friendly. They didn’t mind that I took pictures with one of my Snoopys. I take my little Snoopys everywhere!

After lunch we walked around the area. It felt nice outside, considering that it snowed the day before! Then after some walking, we got in the car and drove to upstate NY. Andy took me to where he would go to soccer camp in his youth. The area was just beautiful. I would have loved to be surrounded by so much natural surroundings in my younger years!

It was truly an amazing way to celebrate our anniversary, and to spend a Sunday.

February 18, 2018: Anniversary Outing

Bright and sunny, a lovely afternoon to venture into Milford, PA for an anniversary dinner. Only the snow patches on the hills and rocks along route 15 gives away the crazy snowfall that took place the night before. It began as Andy and I were coming home from mass. Even though we were driving below the speed limit, the snow slammed against the windshield. We were thankful that we arrived home safely.

We drove to Milford once before, a couple months ago. We went on a fun drive one weekend, and discovered a nice little town on the border of NJ and PA. We wanted to return soon, to see more of the neighborhood, and enjoy the lovely restaurant in the area.

Even if it does turn out that there’s little to see, it will be a nice weekend anniversary adventure.