December 21, 2018: Appointments and Sharings

Thursday was such a hectic time for me after I left work. I didn’t think that was possible, but it was. I finally had a medical appointment that did so many tests, and I need to follow up next month. It was all necessary, yet I was taken aback at how much I needed to take care of. I meet with the doctor again at the end of next month.

Afterward, Andy and I met up with the deacon to discuss marriage preperation. We only have one more meeting coming up, then we meet up with the priest giving the wedding. That one will be a couple months before the wedding. This meeting was also emotional, but this one dealt with communication. It was all a good experience, a lot was discussed.

October 13, 2018: Saturday in Piscataway

It’s been a busy Saturday. This morning Andy and I attended the second half of our Pre-Cana requirement. It was extremely early to be awake, and on a Saturday, but it covered topics that centered around growing the fruits of a happy marriage. I’m very happy that we attended.

We then went to Hallmark, to check if there were any Halloween mystery bag Peanuts characters available, but they were sold out. I’m hoping that they’re around at other Hallmark locations near me, since I only need one more character to complete my collection. It’s not even guarenteed that I would get the one character I need, since you don’t know until you open the bag. It doesn’t hurt to keep looking!

March 11, 2018: Sunday Meditations

Today wrapped up the Pre-Cana weekend conference for me and Andy. We were both very pleased with the presentations, and relieved that the conference ended in the early afternoon hours. Now that we completed the Pre-Cana, it’s time to begin thinking about our wedding…and I have so much to figure out! I’m always told that the first thing to take care of is the reception venue, but I need to figure out where to hold the ceremony. The only thing I’m sure of right now is that I would like to have it at a church, and I would love my immediate family to be there.

After Andy and I arrived back home, we took a short walk around the neighborhood. Since the Daylight Savings change took place last night, we had extra time outside before sunset. IT felt exhilarating to take our walk after 6pm! Although the trees still haven’t bloomed, it was amazing to watch nature still coated with a blanket of snow, with deer wandering the neighborhood. I very much look forward to taking late afternoon walks in the weeks ahead.

March 10, 2018: Pre-Cana Weekend

Today Andy and I attended the first half of our Pre-Cana conference in Newark. In order to get married in the Catholic church, you must take the Pre-Cana course. This session is done in full-day workshops on Saturday and Sunday. They seem like it would be extremely tedious, but today was an informative session. The speakers touch on everything a married couple would handle in daily married life, such as budgeting finances and raising children. We also learned what a Ukrainian Catholic wedding ceremony would be like.

I was invited into the Pre-Cana conference even though I was not raised in the Ukrainian Catholic faith (I am a practicing Roman Catholic). The couple facilitating the Pre-Cana informed me that I needed to be registered into a Catholic church in order to attend, and I am. I found all of today’s sessions very informative, and I look forward to see what tomorrow will bring.