October 28, 2018: ‘Daughters of the Lake’ by Wendy Webb/A Review

I always enjoy a good suspense story. When there’s elements of paranormal drama, it makes the tale even more appealing. ‘Daughters of the Lake’ contains these ingredients to tell a captivating story. Wendy Webb writes this tale set in two time periods: The current era, and early 20th century.

The story begins with a body washing up on the lakeshore; a woman, with a baby wrapped in her arms. Kate Granger discovers this traumatic scene and experiences a strong reaction. Shortly after the discovery, Kate experiences strange dreams and images from another time, ones she finds impossible to explain. What follows in this story is a search for the truth for this mystery woman’s identity. The novel alternates between the modern era and early 20th century, painting a picture of a family gift filled with prophesy and tragedy stretching back several generations.

As Kate spends time in Wharton with a close cousin, she also uncovers the history of the town her past descendants made a life in, while coming to terms with the path her own life journey has taken. Kate learns that while one chapter of her life closes, another opens which holds surprises of its own.

‘Daughters of the Lake’ holds the right amount of historical account with paranormal overtones. This eclectic blend takes the reader through a memorable path as the truth of the crime is uncovered. This story was very well written, and I look forward to reading Wendy Webb’s other stories.

Rating: 5/5 Stars

October 21, 2018: Birthdays and Reading Progress

  • I spoke to my aunt and uncle for a little while today. It’s their birthday, and each person is going through a significant change in life (one transitioning into a career change, the other readying for retirement). I offered my input as to where to seek information for a career shift. It’s understandably overwhelming, but I hope the change needed will take place soon.
  • Andy and I celebrated a relative’s 1st birthday party this afternoon at Chimney Rock, in Morris County. There were a lot of people enjoying this special moment in her life. When I went to my niece’s 1st birthday, it was a pool party/cookout event. Ana looked adorable in her swimsuit! I feel like the pool party was more for the adults than her, but it was a way to bring family and close friends together.
  • I’m making some progress in ‘Daughters of the Lake’! I’m about halfway done with the story. The familial lines of the characters are pretty lengthy, the build-up certainly leading to the impending plot twist. I’m looking forward to the shift.

October 19, 2018: Literary Paths

I’m really liking ‘Daughters of the Lake’ so far. Wendy Webb loves going into a historical account of the characters involved in her plotlines. It’s very helpful for me, since I feel like it helps build tension for the pending drama that’s sure to take place.

I enjoy exploring many book blogging sites. Since I love to read and write, my ultimate goal is to begin a page if my own. Poetry also holds a strong place in my heart, and I want to express that devotion through the content I post on a daily basis.

October 12, 2018: Books and Friends

My current read is Daughters of the Lake by Wendy Webb. I came across the book on kindle reads, where you can receive one free book if you’re an Amazon Prime member. From what I gather about the story so far, it flips back and forth between the 19th century and the current period. I’m only a couple chapters in, and I really like it.

This weekend is going to be exciting. Andy and I are attending a Pre Cana class tomorrow morning, and we are also meeting up with Iris and her husband for his birthday party. It’s been a while since we’ve hung out together. Iris has promising news to share about her job, so I’m looking forward to catching up with her.

September 24, 2018: New Mail and Books

I received a couple exciting items in the mail today. The first item was the Turnip2020 mug I ordered through Teespring.com . Due to the upcoming 2018 election, Turnip2020 has been the popular site to frequent on Twitter in recent weeks. The Turnip2020 movement stands for a positive change from the GOP stronghold. I find the idea of supporting a turnip for positive change quite original. I can’t wait to use my new mug tomorrow morning!

The second item that came in is the book ‘Together for Life’. This contains the passages Andy and I will read through and select from for our wedding. I glanced through it a little bit so far, and what I’ve seen is beautiful. It’s great that we have some time to look through the book.

And now, back to catching up to my reading. I’m still reading through ‘Gateway to Fourline’. Mainly because I haven’t made the time to tackle the book. I need to tend to my passions more seriously.

September 10, 2018: Library Memories

Shortly before dinner today, I watched Peter Monn’s YouTube channel, ‘Peter Likes Books’. I enjoy watching the many channels BookTube (the YouTube book community) has to offer, especially after long work days. In this particular video, Peter is driving to his local library, stating how it remains the very same from when he visited in his youth.

In a flash, I was immediately taken back to the first library I visited when I was a child. It was a small branch in Paterson, a few blocks from home on Market St. I can still remember the children’s section like it was yesterday! Limitless shelves of books for me to browse. One of the tables held a record player I loved to work with. I can still remember the ‘book smell’ that settled all around me, and it was heavenly.

Watching Peter’s video brought waves of happiness and nostalgia. Reading, and surrounded by books, is my life. I will always love reading and libraries, and I’m proud of it. I’m even blessed to have someone in my life who adores reading as much as I do. Long work hours have hindered my passion for reading, yet I continue to create ways to fit reading into my day.