My August Wedding, and Mini-Getaway

Mini-Getaway A couple days after the wedding, Andy and I traveled to Pittsburgh, PA. Since we’re saving up for a extended honeymoon next year, we set aside a couple days to relax and enjoy Pittsburgh for a few days: Grandview Overlook We visited the Grandview Avenue Overlook, which has gorgeous views of Pittsburgh and itsContinue reading “My August Wedding, and Mini-Getaway”

Sunday Sentence: August 4

I’m participating in David Abrams’s ‘Sunday Sentence‘ project, sharing the best sentence I’ve read during the past week, ‘out of context and without commentary’. ‘A second mass shooting in 12 hours. Add Dayton to the terrible list. We don’t need to live like this. We don’t need to let our fellow Americans die like this.Continue reading “Sunday Sentence: August 4”

August 23, 2018: Weekend Plans, and Positive Change

This weekend Andy and I celebrate my niece’s 4th birthday. It will be held in at a park in Rockland County, New York. We attended her party last year at the same location, and we had a wonderful time. I have relatives who live in this area, so it will be nice to go visitContinue reading “August 23, 2018: Weekend Plans, and Positive Change”

August 16, 2018: Remembering Aretha Franklin

Back in 2005 I was listening to Aretha Franklin while sitting in a Starbucks in NYC, in the Grammercy Park neighborhood. As I looked out the window, watching the busy city life go about their business, I thought, ‘One day I’m going to live here. I’m going to make it’. Two years later, that dreamContinue reading “August 16, 2018: Remembering Aretha Franklin”

July 7, 2018: Birthdays and Bookstores

Today was spent celebrating a loved one’s birthday. It was Andy’s mom’s birthday, so we had a nice lunch at Longhorn Steakhouse. They always have a good assortment of food. We had strawberry shortcake for the birthday dessert, and that was delicious. During the meal, Andy’s sister and I talked a little about the detailsContinue reading “July 7, 2018: Birthdays and Bookstores”