Books I’m Reading in January

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone has been having a great start to your year! I recently returned from a fun New Years Eve gathering in Central Pennsylvania. It was so enjoyable to watch funny videos and seeing the ball drop in Times Square! Today I’ve been going through my Goodreads, choosing my TBRContinue reading “Books I’m Reading in January”

Three Books I Meant to Read Last Year/Blogtober Day 12

Well, it’s time to look at the books I meant to read last year! There are soooo many books that I wanted to read, but it either: A) fell to the wayside, or B) I fell in love with another book lol Here are three books out of my TBR pile that I meant toContinue reading “Three Books I Meant to Read Last Year/Blogtober Day 12”

June 2019 TBR list

For the month of June, I’m going to continue reading Asian themed novels. I received two new books as I was taking on the Asian , and just never got to them in time! My reading pace is just THAT slow, lol! These are the books I’m planning on reading during June. I may addContinue reading “June 2019 TBR list”