December 30, 2018: Surprises

I didn’t expect to end the year sick, yet here I am with the stomach bug. 🙁 I was trying to be soo careful at work, wearing gloves and using hand sanitizer every chance I got…but when a child manages to touch your face, there’s not much you can do. So yeah, last night was terrible. I’m slowly moving about the day, taking it easy with drinking seltzer. Still feeling achy, but hopefully I can eat food. Hopefully I can make it through the day without getting sick again.

December 20, 2018: Time for Reading

I wish I could read more of my current story during the week, since it’s a high page count. I’m still tackling my books about a couple chapters a night. Some days I have some time during my break, but I don’t want to get to used to reading then, since I usually get work tasks done. It does sound odd to do work assignments during my break, but since I don’t receive any prep time during the day, I usually spend my break times working. So I only get my reading done in the evening. I can manage a couple chapters before I fall asleep. Depending on what I’m reading, I need to pull myself away from the story, since I do value my sleep. Weekends are so valuable for personal time!

December 7, 2018: Reading Time

I want to maintain my reading pace, but so far it hasn’t worked out to my liking. Work has taken up the majority of my time. The only time I find time to read is at night, and that’s if I’m still coherent at that time. I know it’s an art to manage time in order to balance work and personal tasks. I did it for NaNoWriMo, so I need to do it for reading also.

December 4, 2018: Crafting

In the midst of prepping for my room this week, I realized that I need to gather materials for the parent gift I need to create for my familes. I already know that I won’t be able to make these gifts at work. I guess that’s why it’s taking me so long to do them. I need to make sure that I don’t get too far behind in doing them!

The Hanukkah craft I made with my kids really worked out yesterday! I made menorah hats with the kids. They didn’t want to take them off, which was a good sign. 🙂

December 2, 2018: Prepping/Completing ‘After the Quake’

I spent most of yesterday prepping for the new monthly theme for my classroom. It took a good couple hours making sure I have what I needed. I know that it’s not ideal to do work-related tasks during the weekend, yet Andy came down with a cold, so I had the day to gather what I needed for the first half of the month.

I also finished reading ‘After the Quake’ by Haruki Murakami! It was such a lovely short story collecttion. Due to NaNoWriMo, there was a pause in completing the compilation, but I can still recall what occurred in the earlier stories. I will give a more extensive book review in a future post.

October 25, 2018: Rest

It’s almost that time when I need to begin preparing for next month’s theme, but I just value resting when I’m home! It’s how it’s supposed to be, but a teacher’s life is always consumed with creating curriculum. Every single moment. All the time. Or at least for a couple days to make sure the room looks presentable. I just want to enjoy my book a bit longer.

Just a couple more days, then I can truly sleep. After I come home and exercise, all I want to do is sleep. I do get some tasks in before I crash for the night. It’s truly an effort though, because sleep is valuable.

June 11, 2018: One More Day

Getting ready for our trip to Wildwood tomorrow. This day was filled with packing, trying on summer clothes (that still fit) to bring with me…my least favorite task, but I found some pieces to bring along! Now just watching some television before relaxing with my current book choice, ‘After Alice’ by Gregory Maguire.

Tomorrow, unfortunately, I go in for work. Since four workers are out (two afternoon workers are graduating, and their moms will be with them), I needed to come in, or else my week off would have been declined. So, after tomorrow’s shift, Andy and I will be on the way to South Jersey. I’m really looking forward to it, since I haven’t had an extended break from work in quite a while.

I’m expecting a wild day at work tomorrow. Hopefully it won’t be so chaotic.

May 4, 2018: Friday Thoughts

  • Picture Day at the center today. It’s always such a loopy time, and handling toddlers make it that much more interesting. Hoping it passes quickly lol
  • Almost done with ‘Girl on the Train’. I don’t have too much time during the day to read it, but I’m plugging away at it!
  • This weekend me and Andy are seeing a movie with a good friend from Easton. We’re going to see ‘A Quiet Place’. I’ve heard good things about the film.

April 30, 2018: Every Time

I always have moments where I misplace things. I have things nicely prepared, ready for class the following day, and I unpack my things when I get to work, and the piece that I prepare with great detail is missing. Either I don’t look hard enough in my bag, or I simply forget it. It happens every single time.

It happened again this morning. I misplaced letters I created for my theme board today. They were all prepared, ready to put on my literacy board, except I couldn’t place them on my board, since I forgot them. I look all over both bags (my teacher bag and personal bag) but couldn’t find them. It’s not until later in the evening that I find them…in the bottom drawer in my room. So very annoying when that happens!

It just means that I need to get to work a bit earlier than usual tomorrow to put up the letters. I have a new child starting tomorrow, so I need to make sure things are ready before she (and the rest of my lively group) arrives. It’s currently packed in my bag right now. I made sure of it!