August 31, 2018: A Voice Silenced

I’m so sad about the Village Voice ending publication. When I became a frequent visitor to New York City back in 2001 (and a NYC resident 6 years later), I was excited to grab the Village Voice to read articles on daily city life. Every time I visited Manhattan and passed by those little red boxes, I was curious on what eye-catching story would be featured next.

Although the current owner of the Village Voice is encouraging everyone to view digital archives of this weekly paper, a vibrant piece of New York pop culture is now gone. future generations will never know the joy of picking up  a free copy of the Village Voice while wandering around the neighborhood. Each story reflected a piece of the city’s diverse way of living.

It’s very saddening to learn about the demise of the Village Voice. It didn’t have to happen like this. More than ever, we need publications that express free thinking and criticism of local issues, and the Voice was an important outlet in expressing various topics.


August 23, 2018: Weekend Plans, and Positive Change

  • This weekend Andy and I celebrate my niece’s 4th birthday. It will be held in at a park in Rockland County, New York. We attended her party last year at the same location, and we had a wonderful time. I have relatives who live in this area, so it will be nice to go visit this area again.
  • I began reading a new story called ‘The Other Wes Moore’. It is a non-fiction story based in Maryland, about two men with the same name growing up in an inner city neighborhood in Maryland. They were raised a short distance from each other, yet their paths didn’t cross until later in life. I’m only a couple chapters in, and so far I enjoy it.
  • Yesterday there was some encouraging news on the Resistance front! Paul Manafort was found guilty of 8 counts of financial fraud, and Michael Cohen, Trump’s former attorney, pleaded guilty of campaign finance violations. This is clearly a sign that things are finally falling apart for the Trump administration. Will it finally lead to prosecuting our president for illegal crimes? In this current age of hindering justice, no one knows for sure. It’s a positive change in the right direction though.