September 18, 2018: Tuesday Thoughts

This morning I handled another extreme sugar low. I meant to wake up early so I can head to work and decorate before my shift began. Things worked out differently though, and Andy was coming into my room at 6:30 offering me liquid glucose, due a low sensor reading. I didn’t even realize I slept through my alarm until it was quarter to 7, when the glucose fully kicked in. I’m grateful that Andy was there to help me come to my senses.

I keep receiving notices from Quest Diagnostics to pay for a bill that was settled a few months back. After some digging online I discovered that the bill was indeed paid off, and I owe a much lesser amount. So I printed out the forms needed tonight, before sending them off tomorrow. Hopefully it will be the last time I receive anything like that from them.

I received word from my relatives from North Carolina that they are safe from the effects of Hurricane Florence. This natural disaster has effected many lives and flooded many neighborhoods. The sight of rescuers attending to abandoned animals is such a heartwarming sight. It’s so unbelievable that anyone could leave pets locked in a home as floodwaters are rising.


April 15, 2018: Low Glucose Episode

Today has been a day with hectic blood sugar lows. The morning was fine, no extreme changes in my levels. However, around noon time, the low glucose levels began, and I could not seem to bring them back to normal. I thought I gave myself the right amount of insulin at lunchtime, and had the right amount of carbs to accompany the dose. About an hour later though, while running errands, I found myself standing in the middle of an s in Wal Mart feeling absolutely exhausted. Andy came to check in on me and handed me a bottle of orange flavored glucose drink from the pharmacy section (don’t worry, we paid for it afterwards!) and we sat at one of the benches for 10 minutes until I felt myself again.

Thank goodness Andy was there with me, and he knew what to do at that moment. Some days I have a good handle of how my blood glucose will be during the day, but every now and then a low will come up and surprise me. It’s been a while since I’ve had such a low take place. Hopefully it won’t happen again in the near future.